Zucks: FACEBOOK IS DEAD – The DRIP LIVE – Highest Rated Mid-Day Show in History! Drippy Drip Drip!!!

Have you been scammed? Tell us about it LIVE!
Remember that you’ve done nothing wrong. You trusted people out of the goodness of your heart and they got the best of you, Forgive yourself and remember God still loves you, even more in fact! Now it is your karma to come on the show and tell the Congregaaaation so they don’t get got by the same people.

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The Drip is a video podcast hosted by Coffeezilla (Stephen) and Amish Patel. All representations are mere opinions.


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22 Responses

  1. maxwell cobbs says:

    Nice one bro

  2. maxwell cobbs says:

    I love your video at large but I will advice everybody who is into crypto to stick with ETH and BTC as much as you can guys.If everyone sells when it starts to fall, which at one point it will, the dream maybe lost because of it being too volatile for companies to get behind

  3. Kimberly Harris says:

    I messaged you on Instagram with more detail BUT I want t point out you are hearing from a lot of men. A lot of women, mom's specifically, who have had to make the choice between changing jobs or leaving the workforce with how jobs and schools are affected. There is a large working force that is female who is affected differently than the men you are listening to.

  4. Kimberly Harris says:

    In Arkansas is $11 minimum wage

  5. Mimsy Goodcat says:

    My dad did support for breast cancer and died his mustache for a whole month for donations to BC awareness

  6. SmoovTv says:

    no neck?

  7. Lance says:

    My god coffee that is a fantastic word!lol ok I'm done.

  8. Lance says:

    I was just laughing my ass off as they start this $1000 course talk. On a show. With Coffeezilla.

  9. Pete says:

    Dj akdemiks watches the drip!!

  10. Slither Gang says:

    I see you learned from Logan Paul “ welcome back to the number 1 podcast!”

  11. Fubz says:

    For no net november, I bought a radio/alarm clock and yoooo it's soooo good. Music and news for free??? Idk I'm loving it. No need for my phone

  12. Lance Anthony says:

    If you don’t love Amish after the first 10 minutes of this episode you may be beyond saving… insightful and hilarious, Amish has to be the most hidden gem on the internet

  13. MessWithHelpy says:

    amazon shill

  14. liam bushell says:

    Personal data surpassed the price of oil so the new 'steroids' is data witch is why we're happy to move out of faisal fuels now lol

  15. Atem S says:

    I loved the nnn part, amesh is goated lmao

  16. Francesco Mancuso says:

    Doing no net/nut/bread/jocko November

  17. Evski1990 ! says:

    Great show guys!

  18. Farveaz Mohamed says:

    Lovely pod, keep it up guys.

  19. daniel christopher says:

    thanks fellas for the good dialogue

  20. Mary Jane says:

    Lmfao "please I need it!"

  21. Mary Jane says:

    Fuck I didn't realize it was no nut vember

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