YouTube actor found fatally stabbed in NYC apartment

An actor who appeared in a YouTube crime show has been found stabbed to death in his Bronx apartment. Authorities say Tyrone Fleming, 40, who played Tye Banga on the drama web series “848,” was found dead at around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. CBS New York’s Marc Liverman reports.

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32 Responses

  1. Tonya Tabb says:

    NJ NJ ..

  2. Klassik161 says:

    Rest up King

  3. Icarry You jay says:

    He’s 41

  4. C G says:

    What idiots ideas to mention a dead mans arrest record? In fact these days we know most arrests are bogus and dont hold up in court.

  5. Tarvis Curry says:

    Dam that wat happen to my boi smh r.i.p

  6. Riley FamilyFirst says:

    Ty banga

  7. Deidre Shanika says:

    Man this just hurt me to my heart. Praying for his family.

  8. DJRICKRULER says:

    RIP. I saw this video can't remember why before I started watching 848. 848 is more realistic and of course wildly exaggerated in some instances. In Season 3 episodes they mentioned his passing. I just put 2 and 2 together. One of the most cowardice things you can do is stab somebody in the back or shoot an unarmed person.

  9. Kelvin Durrett says:

    RIH Tye Banga

  10. Leo says:

    Beautiful young man. Rest in peace.

  11. Michael Daley says:

    J,,Fisk: that was the bro rip the Bangalore u will be will be missed

  12. Aya More says:

    May God keep you, brother. Thank you for creativity you have shown us on film.

  13. Kyree Witt says:

    damn shyt crazy rip ty banga

  14. JodyNanci says:


  15. Cintron Flowers says:

    What was the point of talking abput his charges at the end

  16. BuiltNewark TUFF says:

    Peace and blessings to you brother

  17. DeRico Mack says:

    R. I. P. Tye Banga

  18. Louis Burke says:

    I dont understznd when some one dies why they bring up the negatives they had

  19. Pamela Taylor says:


  20. Neicy Nunnery says:

    CBS or CNN yall wrong for throwing his pass out there. Nobody a saint. Focus on whom killed the man rather than trying to put a bitter taste out to the viewers. RIP Tyrone

  21. Jason R. says:

    It’s a shame they can’t cover the news story without slandering a deceased man name. Secondly, he was acting in a web series, I never heard them describe any other actor as suck. Mainstream media sucks

  22. COCOAPIE says:

    Do you know, that on a picture of him on Instagram, it says Happy New Year, and someone is saying nice picture…..
    It's the picture of his shadow in a hallway, BUT someone writes
    "First Wednesday on June"

  23. COCOAPIE says:

    Rest in Peace

  24. Etta B. says:

    No wonder Season 3 did not air on June 6th….rest in ✌

  25. Secrete Obsession says:

    Well if it was stabbed from the back you can definitely tell it someone that he knew that killed him either jealous or money

  26. EternalFaith357 says:

    At the end of video How dare the news turn this on Tyrone Fleming as if he did something to cause his death. Disappointed.

  27. Adolfo Gonzalez says:

    Ok CBS wtf is up with the ending trying to paint him like he had a criminal past … dwi has nothing to do with him getting stabbed… smh shame

  28. ladze77 says:

    What has his arrest record got to do with his tragic death? When a white person kills multiple people, all we hear about them in the fake racist media is how good, quiet and alone they were. Foh

  29. Lex Nel says:

    He had 11 priors, but unless there is evidence that they DIRECTLY contributed to his demise, WHY was it introduced into the court of public opinion? Why attack his character with his past UNLESS necessary? Why not tell us if he graduated high school and if he got all his immunizations as a child while you're at it?

  30. Inquiz- Ahteev says:

    What was the point of leaving off with the arrest record??? Really unnecessary!!

  31. Prescilla Lopez says:

    Sounds like they're trying to distract you from what happened. Idk. Still sux

  32. Society News Network says:

    I cant remember the last white person that got killed and the news blasted his corrupted pass. If fact i noticed only white news casters blast a person of color past. Ugh!

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