Your Questions Answered: “Account in Dispute” Comments & Building Credit With Auto Loans

We have received GREAT questions by our awesome podcast listeners and we answered a few of them in this latest episode.

Question 1.) Should I go buy a car to build my credit history?
Queston 2.) I disputed something on my credit report, and now I see a remark on their that says “Account info disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements.” What does that mean?
Question 3. ) How long should I keep a car loan open before paying it off to build my score? and Does the balance on my auto loan affect my credit score?

Thank you for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Extra Credit Show is a show hosted by Ex-Debt Collection Agency Executive and Consumer Credit Expert Anselmo Moreno and his business partner Richard David. They have been in the consumer credit consulting and credit repair business since 2005. They often found themselves talking to each other about the current state of consumer credit, debt, credit bureaus etc. – take a listen to the minds of two passionate long time credit repair experts.

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P.S Section 609 Credit Repair Loophole is bogus, in fact it has nothing to do with credit repair. Read it for yourself.
Link to FCRA:


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  1. Jamal Atiya says:


    Having remark as in dispute on some accounts Knowing that these accounts are paid for it . but I need to apply for mortgage and the lenders do not like this kind of remarks
    So what I need to do?


  2. Nene phillips says:

    Ultimatecreditsolutions@yahoocom thanks a lot.

  3. Rodrigo Pedrosa says:

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