You Shouldn't Worry About Your Credit Card Debt. Jim McDonald

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You shouldn’t worry about your credit card debt, or at least thats the advice Jim McDonald gives in this clip from his first ever Dry Bar Comedy special. Whether it’s using your cash back to make the minimum payment, or just having outstanding credit, credit card debt isn’t really that big of a deal. If you’re someone with credit card debt, or someone who never carries a balance, this clip from Jim McDonald is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish.

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disputing a debt on your credit report

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16 Responses

  1. tim w says:


  2. USSResolute says:

    Previous clip from Drybar was on cargo shorts. Ironically timed.

  3. BMG The Performer says:


  4. Daniel Robichaud says:

    This guy's got black belt delivery.

  5. DONALD J grav3yardguyy3 says:

    Good luck she's gay

  6. Keith Reinbolt says:

    How did this guy happen to pull thoughts directly from my brain? We definitely think alike, I don't have the guts to say it out loud. It's funnier if it's true

  7. Richard says:

    Super models giving advice. That is funny.

  8. Not It says:

    Full special!! How can dry bar pick "top 10" out of so many good comics!? It would be hard for me.

  9. Mike Lariviere says:

    I owe care credit over $2,000

    Oh well..

  10. Knowledge and Wisdom says:

    Well tatoos are book of satan.

  11. john stiletto says:

    Tattoos make you easily identified…

  12. NICK Z says:

    He has the system beat on 10 different levels!

  13. christian elgin says:

    Even the cathedrals have art haha

  14. Slydog2K says:

    While I did not LOL once I did find the routine entertaining.
    Run of the mill comedy that I have heard on a cruise ship tens of times.

  15. Jay Boogie79 says:

    What's wrong with cargo shorts??

  16. Dixieboy 568 says:

    Good laffs. Thx

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