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The Dave Ramsey Show (🔴 LIVE) 02-13-18
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45 Responses

  1. iron will85 says:

    That's why 40% of Americans are quitting f work

  2. Lilly Gutierrez says:

    Ya the boat kids r out there minds

  3. Lilly Gutierrez says:

    Poor boat couple thats a huge huge warjing and savior something worst could of happen God saved them for. They are in mid 20s not very bright ….. lol

  4. Amanda Englehardt says:

    Dave…. Pugs are ruler of the house. An unhappy pug makes for an unhappy home!!! Don't you know??! Crazy stubborn little things.

  5. bestviews says:

    Tell Dawn from Denver to send some to me. Lol.

  6. Matt says:

    You don’t need to work you need enough money to not work. That should be the end goal

  7. Moses Ruperto says:

    Man was laughing at this story. I interpret it as a cocky laugh. You have many answers to life friend but not all of them. We never stop learning. Watch all the faithfuls come at me now.

  8. Letty 45 says:

    Man, the entitlement from these people is crazy to me. I am 45 years old and have been working since 18 yrs old, put myself through school with a child working 12 hours, no car etc. I just cannot relate to this.

  9. `` says:

    Blowing off a 401K match, absolutely foolish advice

  10. ALEXIS FOWLER says:

    Ok dad, no more summer vacation unless it’s with cash.

  11. Robert Doolin says:

    Always a great show saving lives.

  12. Joey Considine says:

    Here’s one for Dave. I have debt I’m paying down and am paying a small amount a month on 401k to get the match but the month makes more in 401k than the debt I have. Getting around 10-12% 401k and 4% loan.

  13. Dylan Oxendine says:

    Love you and your advice dave but with age coming upon you, you need to find something to moisten your mouth… you have the old people dry mouth sound going on and its driving me nuts

  14. Linda Parks says:

    this would be a good "where are they now?"

  15. David Loughney says:

    That was one of the coolest debt free screams!

  16. Esther Jagmohan says:

    85,000 dollar income, 600$ rent..
    He eating out too much and wearing expensive clothes..

  17. Esther Jagmohan says:

    NYC, 600 rent .
    Thank God..
    If he can't afford to payoff his debt and he only paying 600$ in debt, he definitely need to do something in his life differently..

  18. Amer says:

    Hi Dave.
    Not all ETFs track the S&P 500. In fact these ETFs are a minority.
    XAW, XEF and VEE track international market with very high quality holdings and impressive growth, and a management fee of 0.2%.
    VTI is another example of an ETF that tracks US market large, medium and small cap with an expense ratio of 0.04%.
    Long story short: Whatever you can find in a mutual fund, you would find an ETF that reflects the same holdings with a fraction in management fees.

  19. Wazza D says:

    Paid off all my debts last June, just set up a full budget for the year ahead 18-19. Increased our superannuation contributions. On track to retire in 10 years time.
    I will still do something part time in retirement though. Just to keep my brain in a good place. No debt is the best!

  20. Diana Gomez says:

    No one laughs at the mother in law joke at 3:50. But I did. Lol

  21. jessika Alejandro says:


  22. Julie Wolf says:

    Shouldn’t he have paid off all debt before saving for 3-6 month emergency fund?

  23. Big Red says:

    Dave pays his mutual fund managers at least 1% annually lol, so if he beats the index by 1% he isn’t beating it really

  24. Ann says:

    To the financial guy considering a promotion with a pay cut. Food for thought; maybe it's an internal test to see if you bring it up or lay down and take it.

  25. Josiah Hind says:

    Everyone who calls in, majority at least seem to make lot os fmoney, i make 15 an hour doing what i do, but I am debt free.

  26. Tina teews says:

    People should really think through before they donated their hard earned money to the lazy couple. There are people that really need the money, like medical situation or other reasons. Just plain sad for such a young age to be that lazy. Until people stop donating their money to nonsense situation like this, money will continue to get wasteful for sure.

  27. bmo says:

    Sorry about your cold.

  28. FromRichToMarried says:

    Work is great… but I have to work towards something. Gotta be motivated – gotta find a good motivator. But sometimes it's just some new shoes even 😀

  29. Maile Smith says:

    But what happened to Remy???

  30. Anna Duran says:

    Do you have an email or some way we can talk to you personally and ask question (s)? Or is it only for radio station

  31. joroxrulebb says:

    15k over the original 10k goal for that Go Fund Me…

  32. Kiki Mincks Roten says:

    WOOOOOO go George! So happy for you!

  33. Teri Hermann says:

    Congrats George!!!!

  34. tiffany dawson says:

    Did he call Dave, Dan???

  35. Flat Earth says:

    just checked that couples gofund me page…. they have $15,500 donated already!!! just crazy.

  36. Bonnie Half-Elven says:

    Every time I hear Patrick Kinas' debt-free story, it makes me smile. I love his play-by-play debt free scream!

  37. Crystal Chambers says:

    Congrats on winning the free wedding George!!!!

  38. rhsb says:

    LOVED the sports announcer's Debt-Free scream. So creative.

  39. H and M Johnson says:

    Dave breathed life into the gofundme campaign at the beginning of the show. That campaign already has over $15k..

  40. Rico Suave says:

    I want my dave Ramsey chia pet, and i want it now

  41. Tar Jab says:

    A paid off home mortgage is taking the place of the BMW as the new status symbol of choice ❤️

  42. Lonnie Laughlin says:

    Groovy show

  43. J Rod says:

    Exactly! work makes the best of people, I work 6 days a week and commute 140 miles a day to work. I'm running my payed off car into the ground. I raise my two teens on my own, with help from my mother kind of. I deal directly with a very wealthy family to make the living that I got. I've worked since I've been 15 and served 10 years as a infantry man in the United States Marine Corps, and have never been fired or disciplined in any job. I went to school after the military worked & raised my kids, believe me when I say I struggled but since then my life has gotten better. For these's people to say we don't to want to work, we want to live our lives sounds like 2 of the most selfish people I have ever heard of, their a prime example of what is wrong in America today!

  44. Lonnie Laughlin says:

    Another great show

  45. Bailey Schell says:


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