Worst Mass Shooting in US History: 50+ Dead in Vegas

–Fifty-eight are killed and more than four hundred are wounded after a shooting at an outdoor country music festival Sunday night in Las Vegas in what is being called the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history; the perpetrator has been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock who was found dead of an apparent suicide when SWAT entered the Mandalay Bay Hotel room where he committed the crime

–On the Bonus Show: Catalonia’s independence vote devolves into chaos, Colorado bans certain edible pot shapes, ex-congressman running for his old seat after prison, and much more…

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43 Responses

  1. Susan McDonald says:

    the largest mass shooting of American citizens in non-wartime (50+ men shot in the head & 50+ women & children slain with swords) was Sept. 11, 1857 well within modern history, I think. AKA: The Mountain Meadow Massacre, UTAH

  2. freedom fighter 4 the next generation says:

    October surprise #they are coming for your guns#false flag multiple shooters  they don't really care bout us just insane wtf nowadays he was set up/mk ultra this story doesn't add up God help us all and have mercy on our soul repent and stay awake n pray HARD

  3. freedom fighter 4 the next generation says:

    New sub thanks for the video

  4. Francisco Martinez says:

    Your title is wrong bro, Wounded Knee was the worst mass shooting massacre in US History.

  5. manco82 says:

    I want David to get Ben Shapiro back on for another 2nd amendment debate, it's time!

  6. N'LaKesh Nomisdai says:

    Not the worst massacre in U.S. History
    Sand Creek Massacre – Nov. 29, 1864 over 500 peaceful Native Americans “almost an annihilation of the entire tribe.”
    Colfax Massacre ­– April 13, 1873 at least 150 African Americans
    Wounded Knee Massacre – Dec. 29, 1890 As many as 300 Native Americans
    Get your facts straight please 🙂

  7. Twilight Ghost says:

    Bullets were invented in 1826, long after the 2nd Amendment was written. I don't believe 2A protects bullets from taxation. I say tax each bullet sold $100, and each detachable clip/magazine/drum/revolver fast loader $500. Day scopes should be also taxed $500, laser/night scopes $1000.

  8. Robert Martin says:

    Speaks volumes about how fucked up America's values are that portraying violence like this in media is fine, but a cartoon about going through puberty is slandered as child porn and inappropriate. Also, regardless of the shooter's political alignment, doesn't it say enough that we've gotten to a point where apparently BOTH sides are so pissed off and tired of the other's bullshit that they think the best solution is to slaughter innocent people? Jesus fucking Christ people, can we please start acting like adults and stop demonizing everyone who disagrees with us already?

  9. Duke Smith says:

    DAVID i like how the hypocrisy oozes out of you… "Gunman" lol
    CNN wannabe fukboi.
    Not a jew so I will just not call a Terrorist what he is.

  10. s h a d ø w b a n n e d says:

    The GOP needs to be dismantled.

  11. Peter Russell says:

    There was a time when the US was respected in the world and was doing what it could to make it a homogeneous society where personal and societal values were worth something. Today that is not the case. Today, big money rules America and at the top of the pile (not the money pile but the swamp) is your president. His reactions to anything affecting the lives of others, are that of a slum landlord. He has absolutely no perception, experience and concern for anything outside of his personal comfort. Puerto Rica was an inconvenience and his comments would have been an embarrassment to the much of the global community. Similarly, his comments about Las Vegas, although heavily scripted by others, were the expressions that one would hear if the enormity of the event was not as it was. It was mediocre at best. America, you voted him in. It is now your duty to turf him out. And time is not on your side.

  12. Dan Underwood says:

    Quit saying it's the worst mass shooting in USA history. It isn't. The United States government is responsible for those against native Americans. Or did you forget history plutocrat lover?

  13. EnK Ryzov says:

    "These are not the sounds of the weapons that existed when the Second Amendment was written."

    David. You're on YouTube. That wasn't around when the First Amendment was written. Go back to writing pamphlets with a quill pen, my dude.

  14. Ruben Ashley Westerhoff says:

    guns neet people to use theme, guns don't kill people by theme selfs

  15. Brandon Webb says:

    Automatic weapons have been banned since 1986

  16. Gambit2483 says:

    Can anyone really say they're proud to be an American anymore?

  17. Jørdy says:

    I can't honestly say whether a ban on high capacity magazines would've stopped this shooting from being just as bad David. He had apparently 10 other guns at the time. He had access to full auto weaponry. Which I thought was illegal but apparently you can get a certain license to own. Also a lot of full auto rifles were grandfathered in from the first assault weapons ban. I think it's a bit too early to start talking policy, because a lot of information is still developing. Where did he buy the guns? Was the gun converted to full auto? How was he able to get a license to own a full auto weapon? Was the magazine converted to fit high capacity? We don't know enough yet. Now when it relates to your knife argument I totally agree. How ever you replace the knife argument with a truck and you get Nice France where 86 people died. I can't say if policy would've stopped this man from doing what he was able to do. Some things are just unpreventable. he had no priors, no mental health history, no affiliations. He had money. how do you prevent something like that?

  18. WOH G64 - Halo Giant says:

    Whenever a tragedy like this happens, the NRA's response is a "a good guy with a gun could have prevented this.." Let's wait and see what sick response the NRA has. Let's pretend there were 300 good guys with guns in that concert audience… how could they have stopped this?? The NRA will have no answer to this tragedy, all they can do is wait for another mass shooting so people forget. And our elected officials will do nothing.

  19. Sam Burns says:

    The shooter might have used a bump-stock.

  20. ushtemanushteunchaga says:

    Lawnmowers don't mow lawns, people mow lawns!!

  21. Pat Benny says:

    That's one billionaire real estate tycoon who won't be speaking to Bob Mueller about his involvement with Trump and Russia.

  22. Dave Queen says:

    It is sad to see when these mass shootings happen,little changes when it comes to gun laws.As soon as the media dies down it is forgotten.When I see the news stories many times the type of weapon mentioned in the news story is an assault weapon.A gun is like any another product,and when products prove to be unsafe for the public they are recalled and or banned.Look at baby cribs,some that caused deaths were make to be taken off the market.Look at defects in cars where manufacturers are made to fix the problem due to safety issues.Look at pharma drugs that are taken off the market,or pesticides.It seems that assault rifles are a menace and should also be banned.It will cut down considerably on these types of occurrences.Notice I did not say ban all guns,just the ones that are seemingly used in these terrible events. People have the right to be safe when going to a concert,the shopping malls,schools,etc.

  23. RobotShlomo says:

    "Guns don't kill people, people kill people".

    Yeah, but guns make it a hell of a lot easier!

  24. NeoDemocedes says:

    3:47 On September 11th, 2001, 3,000 people were killed by men armed with utility knives.

  25. NeoDemocedes says:

    Specifics of rates of fire, ammunition, magazine size are irrelevant to the issue at hand: power. In a society where the individual citizens have power, you will have situations where individuals abuse that power affecting others. You can limit that by stripping individuals of power, but in doing so, you have diminished your own power, putting yourself and everyone else at the mercy of the police and the military. Do you really have 100% confidence that the federal government and local law enforcement have your best interests at heart for today and the rest of your life?

    Privately owned guns are a firewall against a government no longer supported by a majority of the people. It's fundamental for a government to remain of and by the people. Random acts of violence do not change those principles. Body count doesn't make the fundamental problem go away. How many deaths would it take for you to surrender everyone's right to a trial?

  26. Camazots says:

    He got legal guns that were modified, he didn’t buy a machine gun at the store.

  27. Tim Murphy says:

    Alt-right media are spreading memes and stories claiming the shooter was a die-hard Bernie supporter who HATED Trump. It's already catching on. My social media feeds have been filled with these falsehoods, and receiving hundreds of comments such as "it's time to end the unhinged left"!

  28. Vlog Moor says:

    Great job not calling this domestic terrorism David.  Maybe if he was Arab you would have.

  29. XHellXGeistX says:

    And absolutely nothing will change for the better. If anything, it will get worse. A Bill is on the table to allow suppressors. So now when you get shot at during a concert, you won't even be able to hear it coming so you can try and run or take cover.

  30. Advent3546 says:

    When I first saw this I thought "Congrats Florida. We are now home to the SECOND worst mass shooting in America."

  31. Beastmen Delegate says:

    We focus a lot on the ideology of people who commit violent acts and maybe there is something to learn there, I don't know but once you start shooting people it doesn't matter what your ideology is because you've just switched over to the realm of the unhinged and the crazy. Terror is terror no matter who's committing it or why. The person who just took the bullet to the brain probably doesn't care a whole lot what the gunman's ideology was. Point is we have to do something about the guns.

  32. Tarl X says:

    Honestly, throwing knives out of a 32nd floor window does actually sound terrifying.

  33. serf bummer says:

    This was not the worst. You forgot Wounded Knee massacre.

  34. Mirac says:

    Anyone else thinking that he might have been framed?
    Maybe the real shooter forced him to commit suicide by threatening his family or some shit.
    Just a thought…anything is possible

    My condolences to all affected by this tragedy

  35. Horny Fruit Flies says:

    Americans… If only you knew how minblowing ridiculous this whole issue is to people in other countries. But I know that introspection isn't a strong point for at least half of you. If people are conditioned to believe that their country is the greatest, why should they listen to other ones?

  36. Richard Hallett says:

    I'm horrified and am so sorry for the people of Las Vegas and mourn your loss.
    In the UK we have very strict gun laws and every time something like this happens in our country the laws are adjusted and tightened. I could get a gun if I really wanted one, but only certain types of gun and I would be fairly strictly vetted. But I don't want or need a gun, mainly because no-one else has one.
    Because your history has dictated ownership of guns and an inalienable right to freedom you have been very reluctant in the past to remove the right to own any gun. Unfortunately I think it's now too late, it's almost like you've ignored the cough, now you are at the point where the tumour is growing through your chest wall.
    We are all going through a very divisive time at the moment, but I am looking to your country with growing unease. Everything seems to be coming to a boiling point. The colour divide, gun divide, and the most divisive, unpleasant president ever elected.
    I'm hoping the many sensible intelligent people in America can turn this around but I fell it could be impossible.
    The rest of us in the west, your NATO allies and the EU are in no better position.
    We fought among ourselves for centuries. Then the big kid arrived, he thought a bit like us, but he was tougher and scared all the rough kids. We made him our friend and put up with his bullying because he made us feel safe. We knew some of the things he did were bad, but we wouldn't tell him because we were a bit scared too. We stopped going for runs and let our gym membership lapse, we got flabby, no-one felt they could challenge us because our big new friend kept us safe. Now the rough kids are starting to eye us menacingly, soon some kids we thought were our friends will be changing alliances.
    Russia sailed one of its aircraft carriers through the English Channel. Everyone in the world knew they were saying "Where's your navy Britain?"
    Our government can't decide whether to build one or two aircraft carriers, doesn't have aircraft to put on it and it won't be ready for at least 3 years. The computer system is running on Windows XP because that was when they started to design it. It's difficult to rule the waves without an aircraft carrier these days.
    Most of NATO spend less than the requisite 2% on defence and don't want to spend more because the bankers ran off with all the money.
    Freedom is a lovely thing, I'll miss it when it's gone.

  37. Fauxtography101 says:

    It was in the aftermath of Australia's worst mass shooting that our gun laws were changed. It's exactly the time to address it. We haven't had any mass shootings in the 21 years since.

  38. Jack bassman says:

    American gun owners, what's the matter with you people?

  39. Tenshi Chan says:

    I live just miles from the strip, and my teenage son works on the strip… I was never so close to a heart attack as I was last night, terrified I may never see my boy again. I'm still in tears even though he is home safe now. I can't even fathom the pain the victims and their families are going through. the CT politician is right; thoughts and prayers are nice, but we need ACTION.

  40. Multiscan0001 says:

    This mass shooting happens while Trump is under pressure to do more for Puerto Rico. Now all eyes will be on Las Vegas. How convenient.

  41. Mohammad alam says:

    He doesn't like naked story

  42. Dan Sanger says:

    I hate to say it, but at this point I just tune out mass shootings. Nothing will ever be done to address them, so I'm just wasting emotional energy even thinking about them.

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