Woman Killed After Alec Baldwin Fires Prop Gun; Biden Says US Would Defend Taiwan If China Attacks

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NTD News Today—10/22/2021
1. Biden: I Think We’ll Get a Deal
2. Biden: Paid Parental Leave Is Down to 4 Weeks
3. Biden Backs Down on Corporate Tax Hikes
4. Fed Clamps Down on Officials’ Stock Trades
5. Stopping Global Benchmark Rigging
6. Navy Vax Order Unconstitutional: SEALs’ Atty
7. Illinois Parents Sue Over Pandemic Rules
8. Volunteers Patrol Border; Help Communities
9. Lawsuit to Resume Border Wall Construction
10. Population Growth Could Worsen Water Shortage
11. Sen. Wants Cognitive Tests for Older Leaders
12. Woman Killed After Alec Baldwin Fires Prop Gun on Movie Set
13. Arizona: Vet Stops Attempted Robbery
14. Texas: New Evidence in Fatal Tesla Crash
15. Refreshing Views Above NYC’s Concrete Jungle
16. Pay-to-move Programs Revitalize Small Towns
17. Ohio Messes Up Wright Brother Plates
18. NFL Lineman Delivers Own Daughter at Home
19. Look Up!: How Our Connections to the Stars and Nature Benefit Our Past, Present, and Future
20. Biden Says U.S. Would Defend Taiwan
21. China Signs Big Energy Deals W/ U.S. Producer
22. China Fines Sony for Product Launch Timing
23. Toyota to Invest $3.4B on U.S. Car Batteries
24. CCP a Threat to Universities: French Senator
25. Moment: New Zealand’s Ardern During Quake
26. ‘Dubai Eye’ Ferris Wheel Opens With Fireworks
27. Iconic London Ice Rink Returns for Last Time
28. Ferrari Drivers Play Golf Before F1 Race
29. People Stranded on Roller Coaster in Japan
30. Japanese Princess to Marry College Sweetheart
31. How to Treat Your Weekend Like a Vacation
32. National Nut Day
33. NYC Exhibit Showcases Sistine Chapel Frescoes

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Woman Killed After Alec Baldwin Fires Prop Gun; Biden Says US Would Defend Taiwan If China Attacks


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18 Responses

  1. Kay Coats says:

    If a place does not have enough water it makes sense to have a building moratorium.

  2. Eileen Jones says:

    Biden can get his physical when he is on one of his many vacation weekends in Delaware . Also a reliable physician should be there to watch the physical .

  3. Eileen Jones says:

    The Gov't can't mandate ANYTHING that OVER RIDES THE CONSTITUTION…they need an AMENDMENT TO DO THAT….plus THE NUREMBURG CODE which was adopted by the UN in 1976 …protects PEOPLE from being forced to get a VAX that is in the EXPERIMENTAL PHASE which this vax is ! It also PROTECTS the MILITARY FROM BEING FORCED TO TAKE THE VAX. WE ARE NOT NAZI GERMANY ….WE ARE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC ….OF , BY , and FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES . BTW….Let's Go Brandon !!

  4. Sam son says:

    you jhave the problem,,that lady died and you will be prosecuted let the authorities who's
    fault was that.

  5. Jay Malinowski says:

    Prop Gun? Props are made out of cardboard. This is a real gun in the hands of a mentally unstable childlike person, that should have never happened. The individual who was "The Armorer" had no training for that position. They stated they were incompetent to load blanks in a real gun. Then this so called "Actor" throws a temper tantrum a takes a shot at the director, killing the camera woman. This is complete ignorance and no excuse. It took the armoror and the actor to both cause this death. They both should face the consequences.

  6. Toby W says:

    NRA should offer gun safety courses to Screen Actors Guild union.

  7. atelier- danny says:

    Probably Baldwin III is sacrificing himself to let Democrap justifying the gun control in US. Be careful not to be diverted American.

  8. USAunited 7 says:

    Wasn't this the comedian who was always making fun of President Trump?

  9. Ronald Tkacz says:

    Baldwin must have thought he was giving her a ‘Covid shot’

  10. D Lee says:

    Stop saying prop gun, it Was a real gun.

  11. Heidi Breitwieser says:

    ???Why is the guy asking biden about Taiwan smiling and glazed??? If a gun normally used with live rounds, used recreationally on the set a "Prop"? Why do the Bravest of the brave protect and defend OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS get booted for asserting their own rights?

  12. John Jorgensen says:

    How do you accidentally kill someone with a proper gun.sounds fishie.

  13. Linda says:

    Murder 1

  14. dwight pruitt says:

    The powers that want to be in control of everybody , can't do it if you don't drink the Kool-Aid , they need the military first to lnforce the others into compliance , so folks please just do joe a favor and just drink the Kool-Aid . It's part of the master plan , Just doit !

  15. Cynthia Sharp says:

    Patients have the right to refuse medication and vaccines. Mandates for vaccines crosses a line and we to never cross it.

  16. Becky says:

    I wish your lead in wantnt so long we only have 10 minute breaks

  17. Cynthia Sharp says:

    Pro choice for healthcare

  18. David Zboray says:

    Can sumbody please tell us the truth, on just about every site you find on executions these A Holes are executed and now ntd reports like he’s alive get with it we can handle the truth

Leave a Reply