Will Smith Tells Jabari Banks He's Playing Will For ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Reboot | THR News

Smith surprises actor Jabari Banks with the news he’s taking over the role of Will in the Peacock reboot.

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Will Smith Tells Jabari Banks He’s Playing Will For ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Reboot | THR News

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42 Responses

  1. FirstStepCinematics says:

    All of these folks who say "we don't want to see the reboot" probably didn't see the fan film that sparked this. It's awesome. And yes, I do think this will succeed. Best wishes to the cast and crew!

  2. PlanK SA says:

    I'll pass…

  3. Taryn Nicole says:

    I’m from that era. I also saw the fan trailer film that reimagined this as a drama years ago. And when you saw that, you realize this is a reboot that deserves to have the real story told. Think about this y’all. It’s a chance to actually go deeper instead of appeasing to a certain audience. I’m actually down for this. I’m not comparing this reboot to the original. I’m comparing it to that epic trailer. Because that was done right.

  4. louis porter says:

    Yeah, well, the show will bomb and get cancelled. So enjoy the ride for the 5 minutes the show lasts…

  5. myeh says:

    Who even asked for this?

  6. Aladeen says:

    I dont understand why don't they just do a SEQUEL show to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air with the ORIGINAL cast returning like Full House did with Fuller House. Have Will return as a father with Alfonso(Carlton) and Jeff(Jazz) as their neighbors or something and introduce new cast members to the series instead of rebooting it.

  7. G M X says:

    Don't let it be woke…leave the classics alone!!!

  8. Kanny Bliss says:

    He Ben'not miss ah beat either

  9. X-POWER TUBES says:

    Why not make Will a Women or Asian or White or Mexican since every character is being changed with these millions of remakes and reboots because no one has a original idea ..

  10. Meister Röhrich says:

    Why did they not cast a white guy as the fresh prince? Hollywood gender/race swaps so many (white) characters, i thought the time we live in is woke enough that we can swap a black character with a white one?! So disappointed at this missed opportunity.

  11. Lane Bristow says:

    I'm happy for Jabari, but… LOOK AT WILL SMITH! He could STILL play the Fresh Prince of Bel Air! 😀

  12. Lucas Small says:

    No one wants any more reboots


    I don't like reboot,. I am happy with the same charcters, young or old. Thank you

  14. Davorian Ware says:

    What if we just didn't reboot it?

  15. Lysandra S-Henry says:

    I am sorry SOME THINGS DO NOT NEED A REBOOT. It wont do the same thing for him as it did for Will Smith . I loved the original. It would have been better if they made a continuation or something. Same thing with mcgyver. Couldn't watch the reboot. I am a purist

  16. James Carter says:


  17. Zwinter Anderson says:

    Glad I'm not the only one saying
    we don't need a reboot

  18. Eisha says:

    Why didn't they use the people from the original pilot

  19. Carolinagirl 1986 says:

    His last name is Banks..what a coincidence.

  20. S Gonzalez says:

    His last name is BANKS

  21. Darshaun McAway says:

    I didn't know they were holding auditions.

  22. Markymarc90 says:

    Should of did a spin-off diving deeper more into everyone else’s lives individually besides Wills , every episode following a different characters day or something like that would’ve been dope

  23. Reg Aubade says:

    This is DOA, how ridiculous.

  24. L.A W.T97 says:

    He looks so strange like zombie strange

  25. Atong says:

    Is will okay

  26. IHMadeThis says:

    Been saying they should have made a show with Carlton as the dad. Not a fan of them trying to go serious with it. We'll see.

  27. John Williams says:

    It's a drama based (reboot) show it won't be a comedy

  28. 69Meters Below says:

    Reboots are the worst for this day and age.Its best to make a spin off.Or a completely different series itself

  29. L.A W.T97 says:

    Will looks drained

  30. That'stheway Ms.J says:

    Is this a onetime thing or will this be a show?

  31. Kristin Gregory says:

    Will NEEDS his mustache back!

  32. k jay says:

    For the people complaining. You don't have to watch

  33. Justin Case says:

    Jada Pinkett is somewhere licking her lips.. lol j/k

  34. PARADOX says:

    To the young individual that they "PICKED"

  35. Lina B says:

    Why all these reboots?? The show was great leave it alone

  36. JDawg says:

    WT(actual)F???? A reboot? Really?? Stupidest, most absurd thing I have ever heard!

  37. D. says:

    I wanna see Brett gray from on my block play carlton

  38. Joe McKim says:

    The real question is who's playing the new Carlton and can he do The Carlton?

  39. Joe McKim says:

    Jabari Banks is going to go live with the Banks family.

  40. Michael Owen says:


  41. Bobbytheman98 says:

    Please don’t do this reboot. Fresh prince was perfect for its time and era. NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS A REBOOT. This is purely a money grab

  42. Randy Kirkland says:

    Run , don’t walk from that BOMB !

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