Will Going Over My Credit Limit Hurt My Credit Score? | Experian Credit 101 Express

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If you’ve overspent, and gone over your credit limit, it’s likely going to hurt your credit scores. Learn the kinds of penalties you might see, and keep them in mind the next time you see your expenses climbing. Learn a few ways you can help bring your spending back into line, too.

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how do i dispute something on my experian credit report

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2 Responses

  1. VeroN says:

    they were so good at handling the work to fix my bad credit which causet me so much trouble. their staf members were highly trained as they proceded to increase my credit score. best decision contacting them at 1-304-36-200-22

  2. Wise Man says:

    If your over your limit on your statement date it affects your credit score. Some credit card companies it won't affect your credit score as long as it's fixed before your statement date.

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