Wife abandons storage unit after Husband DIES! ~ Back of Locker STACKED WITH CASH! ~ See what find?

If you like this video check out Part 1:

If you like this video check out Part 2:

Wife abandons storage unit after Husband DIES! ~ Back of Locker STACKED WITH CASH! ~ See what find?

WHY would owner ABANDON BEST storage unit? ~ Great locker $290! – See what’s HIDDEN inside? ~ Part 1

Husband dies & widow abandons storage unit! – Locker LOADED WITH MONEY! ~ Great finds & Unboxing ~ Part 2

Robert Zjaba Auctioneer Extraordinaire from 2nd Cents Auctions buys an online abandoned Storage unit for $290. The husband died and wife stopped paying on the locker. He left behind an amazing collection of Pokémon, magic the gathering, Star Wars, Batman, Dungeon and Dragons, Roll Playing, Swords, toys, Collectibles & so much more! You won’t believe this abandoned storage unit unboxing video! See what I find hidden inside back of unit? Learn how to make money buying and selling with Robert.

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39 Responses

  1. Pat Mitchell says:

    Show me the cash and I guess you mean you found green cash maybe not good finds though

  2. Darla Deal says:

    I don't think this guy's wife that owed this locker realized what she was letting go…lol

  3. Joyce Smith says:

    Look in the bible

  4. Pawnja Watkins says:

    this aired on my birthday How did i miss it? I love watching your videos. You are a man who literally knows everything about everything. Keep up the awesome work…..

  5. Plumiegirl ... says:

    Where is the guitar!!!

  6. Lora Lawayne says:

    Such a shame the widow didnt get his things and sale them herself or give to one of his friends, probably too touchy tho….sad, he had a nice collection of a lot of things

  7. TheCaptCook999 says:

    The Spelljammer comics are fairly rare and should be worth a chunk of change.

  8. Rhonda Kennedy says:

    I k now you are happy with this unit. Great for you!

  9. Melissa Harris says:

    I never knew the had a MASH trivia game! My husband would love that!

  10. glenna w says:

    Congratulations, perfect unit for you.

  11. glenna w says:

    This unit is like cash flowing out of each any every box. With you being an auction house, there is no knowing how much money you have gotten here.

  12. Tammy Jones says:

    What a great find! $$$$$

  13. Janine McMahon says:

    The more you list, the more you make daily. Congratulations! What a phenomenal unit! Unreal

  14. Lorie KesslerSmith says:

    Do you know when the military action is going to be?

  15. Alice Du preez says:

    Robert…..what a hales of a unit. Well done

  16. My Japan says:

    The man was smoking what he was smoking and playing games, that is a man who is not bothering anyone

  17. peggy sue Giggles says:

    something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. nice unit.

  18. Connie D says:

    The folks that work for the storage facility would never dump that stuff, each person would be going home with a truck load and it wouldn't get anywhere near a dump.

  19. Jim Porter says:


  20. Charles Tusin says:

    How is Warhammer and all those figurines role playing ??

  21. Donna Mitchell says:

    I'm interested in the D&D cards and any books and figures and dice please Rob.

  22. Jackie feathercatcher says:

    Bat Hat and Robert!
    There is a song for Jeremy at AA.
    Nice unit, plenty of money there!

  23. Cathy Sweet says:

    Auctioneer, Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire.

  24. Alan Shaffer says:

    Lots of cool finds.

  25. alana brackett says:

    I love the bat man hat. I think should keep it for your personal collection! Also I love the hot wheels case. It's gotta be old all the new ones are dark blue.

  26. Beverly Beigbeder says:

    Do you still have any trains

  27. Tracy Arvin says:

    Wow those totes were amazing..

  28. Stephen says:

    I am literally stunned watching you open each tote and box… look out for the old lead D&D figures… you should go to a games workshop and tell them of your find, all there members we probably want to bid on your most fantastic haul, several stores in Ohio, I guess look for the one near the storage facility, they may be willing to tell you what you got.. but I would definitely shoot an email to all the stores in and around your auction rooms.. I'd link the videos to the Game Workshop twitter/facebook accounts too. D&D channels on youtube too worth linking too as well, Congrats on the haul Rob.

  29. Sheri McGill says:

    This guy had a store at one time. This was the contents. That’s my guess.

  30. Susan Smith says:

    That unit has been surprises and goodies 10 fold.

  31. Hopemariel says:

    Wow if you can find the right buyers you will make a killing off this stuff. I was showing my husband. I want to purchase items for Christmas

  32. robert mccarty says:

    what luck! some of those metal figures sell for 50-500 bucks.sold properly, that unit could net anything from $10,000 to $500,000!!!!

  33. Kenneth Howell says:

    Amazing what people spend their money on and store away in a storage unit, only to end up in the hands of another. Humans gather what they never can keep and just as now it is yours, one day someone may be digging through your treasures.

  34. Nancy Miller says:

    Keep an eye out for Stan Kenton record Artistry in Rhythm! When I sold mine it was worth $1500.

  35. Linda Kiefer says:

    I know you are going to make some collectors so happy with the finds in that unit! Thank you!

  36. Nancy Miller says:

    This has to be one of the most valuable that you have found!

  37. Vicky Rupe says:

    That was a awesome locker way to go!!!!!!!

  38. Nancy Barnes says:

    Great set of Videos Guys

  39. 2nd Cents, Inc Cleveland Auction House says:

    If you like this video check out Part 1: https://youtu.be/p1HoWUwusYg

    If you like this video check out Part 2: https://youtu.be/X-znz25VyXQIf you like this video check out Part 1: https://youtu.be/p1HoWUwusYg

    If you like this video check out Part 2: https://youtu.be/X-znz25VyXQ

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