Why You Should Stop Paying Collections Now! | Homebuyer Tips

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Here’s the next video in the homebuying education series explaining why you should STOP PAYING COLLECTIONS. I will be posting more content to help you through the homebuying process so don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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how to dispute paid collections on credit report

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9 Responses

  1. Garcia Virginia says:

    I’m confused. I know 2 people personally that had to pay off their collections while going thru the home buying process per the lender.

  2. Lorraine Finai says:

    Ohemmmmmgeee! This is good stuff.

  3. Lorraine Finai says:

    Love your content

  4. Jay Hodgers says:

    Wow ok, what about if they take you to court, can they do that?

  5. N Danier says:

    Thank you for the information

  6. Hustle II Breathe Mama says:

    So I recently got hit with collection dang from UGI in the amount of $3,102, I currently called them and set up a payment plan of $60 biweekly until it's payoff because I thought it would affected my score to purchase next year. I truly appreciate this video because I was so scared to the point I was crying because I'm really trying to purchase one day, trying to keep a good score it so hard because we wasn't taught this in school. Half of my score is student loans not major

  7. MK Flav Video says:

    great video i wish i knew this sooner.

  8. Sadrina Hosea says:

    Thank you, I really appreciate you and wish you were in GA

  9. meden7717 says:

    Great information! I do have 2 questions…
    First, should we just leave those credit collections on our credit report? Other entities won't extend credit to you when they see those negative account on your credit report, but you're saying FHA does?

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