Why You Should Never Pay Collections On Your Credit Report

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Need credit repair?

Are you an agent, wholesaler, truck driver, business owner, or young professional struggling to get multi-unit rentals because they don’t exist in your market or way too expensive? Or maybe you’re getting single family rentals but deep down u know u can do better..

Here’s some real advice:
I’m Juan Pablo & I’m an investor who currently makes $20k/mo & bought 72 rentals since 2010 while living in NYC

When I look at the real estate market today in the midst of a pandemic, I see 3 problems that are widespread & suffocating most investors from scaling up their rentals:

1) Mindset

Most investors aren’t “investors”. They are glorified landlords who do everything from collecting rent, changing locks, driving for dollars, evicting, cleaning, & only using their life savings to buy properties. Or, they are flippers who buy low & sell high but have not truly “invested” being that they own zero assets that produce passive income. They are self-employed – trading their hrs for $$ without focusing on building the systems & teams needed to acquire multi-unit rentals like true real estate entrepreneurs. If you want to make serious money as an investor & not get burned-out, then you MUST have systems & teams in place to buy multi-units since they are the fastest way to financial freedom

2) No repeatable way to generate dealflow in good markets:

Most investors operate by what I call “Jingle-Jingle”. It goes like this: 8AM they sit down at their desk, rub their hands together, & pray to God that today the phone jingles & somebody will contact them with some deals. They pray some agent they met last week will call them with a cash-flowing deal or hope a motivated seller (who saw their bandit sign) will call them about a deal of a lifetime. There’s no proven process for consistent dealflow even though they watched a 1000 youtube videos – still in the same “deal-less” position they were in a 1yr ago. They operate their real estate on a hope & a prayer wishing that a good deal will fall into their lap 1 day. Or, they get frustrated & say real estate investing doesn’t work since they wrote 3 offers on a deal & zero got accepted. This person doesn’t have multi-unit listings in their market &/or they don’t know how to locate cash-flowing multi-units in other markets that are safe, affordable, with good returns

If you want to be a rockstar real estate investor you MUST have a consistent, proven method to reliably generate dealflow on demand

3) No predictable way to convert offers into fully executed contracts:
Most investors change their approach w/ every new deal that arrives in their inbox. They operate “off the cuff” & draft new things in the contract w/ little regard to what has & hasn’t worked in the past. They entertain buying single families, residential, commercial, etc with no automated way of funding these deals. As a result, they get to the point of going back to square one – still not having a deal under contract. They have no idea how many deals they need to analyze in order to close on 1 & (once again) operate their business & families destiny with hope & not certainty

If you want to make good money as an investor you must have a proven, repeatable process to receive dealflow. You cannot have cash-flow without dealflow

Are you making any of these 3 mistakes?

The truth is that if you’re making just 1 of these mistakes then you have a hobby. The landscape is changing & there’s no room for hustling anymore – you must treat real estate investing as a business so you can be financially free. A new class of real estate investor has risen & is unforgiving – this person is taking your deals & eating your cashflow for lunch

If you don’t change your ways you won’t obtain freedom. However, if you want to change your ways & join the winning side of real estate investing in this new landscape then..

I Have Good News!

I just put together a training which shows you exactly how I started my real estate investing biz from scratch & grew it to $20k/mo from age 26 to 30

Here’s what you’ll discover, How to:
1) Find the money for your multi-unit deals so you can have this on repeat
2) Find & analyze multi-unit rentals in profitable markets
3) Discover how many rentals you need in your portfolio to Quit Your Job

This free training has created 7 financially free real estate investors in the past 4 yrs alone & has the power & potential to do the same for you

You can register here for free: app.100pfacademy.com/free-webinar/

It’s a new world out there today & I can give you the tools to fight off this new breed of real estate investor who has been unapologetic for taking your deals; however, if you don’t do anything about it please remember in 6 mo time your hopes of 1 day becoming financially free would be nothing more than that – hope

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how to contest a collection on your credit report

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12 Responses

  1. William Curry says:

    What if you pay the full amount in exchange for the collector to remove it from your report ( In Writing )? Is that worth it if it's under 500 dollars?

  2. boxing fan javier says:

    Hi Very good video,,, what type of letter is the one I should send for the credit bureau?

  3. Jeremy Bonilla says:

    I applied today for sure. I need that free consultation

  4. Tony Cooke says:

    I have disputed all collections on my report. They are all medical bills where the creditor dod not bill my secondary insurance. Please help

  5. OfficialMonroeBrooKe says:

    What about $1010 can I dispute that?

  6. GL 82 says:

    Hello. I'm not sure why the amount matters if the collection company is not actually owed as they are not the original creditor

  7. Raul J. Gomez says:

    Haha man I just payed off one of my old medical collections. And it feel off my report within the last week. I just uploaded a video talking about how I negotiated a lower amount. Now I believe if you do owe the balance, you have a MORAL obligation to pay off that debt. Ha “Haley Berry” debt free baby! Cash is king!

  8. Angelle Wise says:

    My question is debt to credit ratio.
    I don’t have any negative marks on my credit reports and I monitor my credit scores weekly. I have/ had a 754 credit score for years but when I checked Monday it drop almost 20 points due to my credit using. My question is can I use my highest limit credit card to pay down a debt, without hurting my credit scores.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Grind University says:

    So I can't pay 100percentfinanced to dispute collections for me?

  10. Cortez Miller says:

    I owe Comcast $160, Two Hospital bills, for $35 and $149. How can I get those remove?

  11. ced says:

    I have a student loan reporting 4 late payments (2014). I was given a retroactive deferment that dated back to the 4 late payments but the loan servicer says they will not remove the late payments because it was accurate at the time. Can I have no payment due and a reported late payment at the same time? I know they are required to update but they refused to remove the late payments. From your experience, can they be removed?

  12. Keenya Ellis says:

    What if you have already paid the collection agency and they have already posted to your credit, how do you get those transactions removed?

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