Why Won't My Credit Score Increase? Credit Score Stuck

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Why won’t my credit score Increase? That’s one of the main questions I am often asked by people who are looking to improve. If this is you, you need to check out this video. I’m speaking from experience as someone whose credit score stayed stuck for 9 months in the middle of my credit journey. What did I learn during those 9 months? You’ll be surprised when you find out.

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how do i dispute things on my credit report

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7 Responses

  1. Dustin Stratton says:

    Been stuck at 620-630 months and months

  2. MAXAMILLION says:

    Keep your utilization under 10 % and pay down your bill before the “statement closing date “ and your credit will increase month over month and remember negatives on your credit report will hold your score down regardless of how you pay so it’s very important to get them removed… dispute , dispute and dispute again until it’s removed… you can do all this yourself so never pay someone to do something that’s absolutely free to do on your own…

  3. Estelle Crayton says:

    Very, very good video I'm here learning!!! I'm sharing this video so you can hopefully get you more women.

  4. Estelle Crayton says:

    Quick question if your STATEMENT CLOSING DATE falls on a weekend can your credit card company report early?

  5. Modest Millennial says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing the tips!

    Supporting your channel as a fellow youtuber!

  6. FearlessBlack Queen says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. AmazinMusicNYC says:

    I'm still at 687

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