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  1. Tom Garcia says:

    Can bill collectors. Put a lean on a senior citizen s home

  2. Roel Requenez says:

    Some seniors are also being hurt by the “provisional income” tax the crooked government created back in 1983 by Regan and made worse by Clinton

  3. Rasputan Rasputan says:

    Own my home. But
    Have max some of
    My credit cards. I
    Don't want to pay
    Them anymore.
    But I would like to make a deal. Cause
    I need a credit card.
    As most people do.I
    Agree credit score
    Not important at my

  4. Mapuana Kupuna says:


  5. Gabrielle Stargel says:

    These videos are great because they not only help the senior, but they help the people that the seniors are interacting or doing business with. Those business people are clueless about what Seniors rights are. Many landlords are
    seniors themselves and don't know these things

  6. Jermaine Williams says:

    Tell that to someone having to pay back pay child support!

  7. Stan Tristan says:


  8. Howard Buskirk says:


  9. Susan Gill says:

    This is very interesting because I was just turned down from renting a senior govt subsidized apartment because of 'derogatory credit'. So I definitely will be in touch to get a Landlord Letter to enclose with my next application. Thank you.

  10. janicehraga says:

    Thank you so very much for this information.
    I'll be calling you soon.

  11. Linette White says:

    Very little debit

  12. Linette White says:

    I want to buy

  13. Paula Harris says:

    Thank you. A few years ago I got into credit card debt and couldn’t pay, now my credit rating is 509 and it makes my car insurance higher. I have to disagree, good credit is very valuable.

  14. Scott Davis says:

    I don’t want to rent. I want to but! Then what?

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