Why ID Theft Insurance Is So Important

Most of the time, your identity is stolen from people you know. Protect yourself:


In this video, Dave explains why you need identity theft insurance to protect yourself from fraud. There are two types of identity theft: theft from who Dave refers to as “classic crooks” and theft from people you know.

The “classic crooks” are the thieves you’re familiar with – a Yahoo or Equifax data breach, someone stealing your card number after swiping it somewhere, or people digging through the depths of the internet to find your personal information. These are the crooks you picture when you think of identity theft. Unfortunately, however, many people experience identity theft from someone they personally know.

Identity theft is far-reaching – there is medical fraud, tax fraud, employment fraud, and more. Each of these types of identity theft can be detrimental to your personal accounts. On top of that, the process of identity theft recovery is estimated to take up to 600 hours worth of work to “cleanse” your identity once it’s stolen. That includes the hastle of calling your card company, being transferred to the fraud victim unit, filing a police report, signing multiple notarized affadavits, and more. What a mess.

That’s why we recommend Zander. They assign you a certified specialist to get the situation sorted out and return your money back to you. You don’t need someone that just alerts you when fraud occurs – you need someone that takes action to get your money back.

Identity theft protection is absolutely necessary for when the unexpected occurs. Don’t get caught without protection! Click here to get covered:


Take our 5-minute Coverage Checkup to see what kind of coverage you need:

Learn more about how to protect yourself from identity theft:

Find out what other types of protection Dave says you can’t go without:


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25 Responses

  1. Skylar Dawn says:

    I'm trying to sign up for the identify theft protection, but it keep telling rejecting my security code

  2. ablchgr says:

    Set alerts to notify you whenever your card is used.

  3. Stella Rocquie says:

    But Law Enforcement will NEVER get involved UNLESS a bank is the victim. So you're on your own.

  4. Home Stuff Review says:

    I'm surprised that you endorse this. This feels like an infomercial. I have read many bad experiences actually getting them to cover any losses. Sounds like a good thing, but…

  5. Roger Young says:

    How do I protect myself from from the Medicare supplemental insurance companies who want all of your personal information just to provide you information? I have not been able to find a company that will provide me information about supplemental insurance for Medicare that will provide you information without all of your personal information. Any ideas?

  6. the hobbyist says:

    I have Zander because of THIS video but they DON'T do "all" the work for you! You have to do most of the work in the beginning to include opening and filling out the police report stuff.

  7. Luckygirl3157 From the Islands says:

    Disputing a fraudulent CC charge is easier than disputing a fraudulent debit card charge.. less of a headache too.

    With a debit card they take your personal money… with a credit card it’s not your money.

  8. John Klein says:

    Thank-you so much Dave! I've got Zander now! I love your channel!

  9. Tyler 4KMarketing says:

    If you need help with id theft let me know. 3017511050. We do 1 million dollar policy and no deductible. We are the only company that protects medical records. ID Seal

  10. Sam Costello says:

    You can put a credit fraud alert by contacting one of the 3 credit bureaus (Experian,Transunion,Equifax) and they will contact the other 2 so you don't have to contact all 3. It's good for a year and is totally free. The companies will need to contact you at a # you provide before extending credit. There is also a 4th credit agency which is called Innovis. You will need to contact them directly because the other 3 won't contact Innovis for you. You can put a 7 year freeze on your credit but you need a copy of a police report showing ID theft. I signed up with Transunion for credit monitoring and can lock and unlock my credit file so any company checking the credit won't be able to if it's locked. I am also able to review my credit report at any time. I think Lifelock and other ID theft protection outfits are profiting off of consumer fear and won't be needed if you follow what I wrote here

  11. Joseph Holdman says:

    So they are collecting on you still ah too bad sorry!

  12. Leverage says:

    Dave Ramsey, let me tell you, you can't be more right. I just partnered with ID Seal and this is by far the most Comprehensive Plan out there in the market today. Everything that other companies charge separately, ID Seal Bundles it up in 2 seperate plans. It's like I chose the winning stock for todays Stock Draft, haha.

  13. Jewishbride says:

    I, Annelies Bakker, speak against and form of identity theft in my life, in Jesus Christ his name: amen, amen, amen!!!

  14. Rick Riggins says:

    Lifelock is the Best!!!

  15. Richard Conte says:

    This is why banks are now required to obtain and verify I'd when opening a bank or investment account

  16. G.DoloresPlants says:

    My credit report has credit cards open that I tried to close with the bank. I'm trying to get a clean credit report ,but bank's like Bank of America won't close my account.

  17. Mr. Causey says:

    My identity was stolen by a fraud ring and they were able to get credit from a store that had turned me down. Lol!

  18. Dev Chatterjee says:

    Some scene from lord of the rings what lol

  19. Sam Haldeman says:

    How is this NOT an ad for Zander Insurance? It's fine that it is, but let's call a spade a spade!

  20. Joseph Morales says:

    F.Y.I. credit card fraud and ID fraud only go so far , that you pay companies like LIFELOCK to help you with theft and all they do is pick up the tab for the theft, they don't go after the person that  stole your ID – they just keep opening more accounts and using your name – they just pay the items off… Its all a Ponzi scheme , HOW DO I KNOW – IT keeps happening to my wife OVER and OVER and OVER , we gave up already – we just laugh at the department of theft – Its not just the credit card companies its the Police department too — Its all a rigged game …

  21. Big Red says:

    This zander pitch is the worst Dave, Identity theft happens but not that much and if we practice what you preach about no loans or credit cards we shouldn’t have a problem right? so seems weird you would push this

  22. ltlblugrl says:

    Just freeze your credit and put a freeze on Paycheck systems. You can lift the freeze temporarily anytime you need to open a line of credit, which, if you follow Ramsey’s teaching, should only be when you get a mortgage. It’s much cheaper too. You can also set alerts on all cards for transactions over $1.

  23. Luis Rodriguez says:

    your videos have really help me out with my financial situation . thank you

  24. Sensei Dozie says:

    she was Asian

  25. Chis Billionz says:

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