Why Does Tim Pool Think Squid Game Is About COMMUNISM?

no tim, squid game is not a critique of communism


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0:00 Teaser/Intro
0:30 Video begins
3:25 What Vaush thinks is the BEST thing about Squid Game
8:38 The Squid Games are a REPRIEVE From The Capitalism, Not Capitalism itself
16:50 Did they even watch the show? (no)
20:25 The stereotypes of the ultra wealthy in Squid Game
28:36 Capitalism VS. Corporatism–Are they the same?
34:29 Conclusion: Why are conservatives so bad at media critiques?


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31 Responses

  1. TranPan Trashcan says:

    Couldn't last 10 mins, the guy is a bad nobhead and has no idea what he's talking about…

  2. Real Geology with Chris! says:

    I do think the games themselves are still supposed to be capitalism, but they're supposed to represent the "ideal" version of capitalism that libertarians uphold. A perfect system under which your work alone is what moves you up or down, rugged individualism where you either sink or swim. Everyone has a chance to succeed, everyone has a chance to "win". But as the games progress its clear that even under these conditions there is still discrimination and the games are still inherently unfair. Teams are picked to choose stronger, younger people etc to get an advantage that exists because there is still imbalance. Even the contracts could be seen as representing the contracts that the working class take under the assumption that it's supposed to be entirely voluntary but they go back and face the crippling debts they have. Just like people saying that no one is forced to work for a job they don't like, they can just get another job etc.

  3. Richard Craig says:

    Cant lie….i was hoping for a happy ending

  4. Raussl says:

    It really takes some serious Dunning Krueger to think that the director of the show doesn't know what his show is about.

  5. Burkeys randoms says:

    Erm…the whole premise of the show was based on the idea of defeating your opponent, no matter what the cost to them, to make money. Wouldn’t that be unbridled capitalism?

  6. Strateg Ghost says:

    "It's criticism of capitalism!" "It's criticism of communism!" Vaush: "Not a lot of analytic room to move your shoulders."

    Nice to see the experts chiming in with the high IQ takes, love to see 'em. Maybe you should all rewatch squid game? Maybe that would help? If what you got out of Squid Game was that it critiques capitalism or (especially) communism, you must have dozed off for 90% of the show.

  7. Craig Mitchell says:

    Two of these three "content" creators review media all the time. Ben Shapiro himself has criticized similar things to be secretly about communism and not a critique of capitalism and he's a failed scriptwriter/ producer. I wonder how bad it would be if you could offer them money to write an actual script that in their mind criticizes Capitalism in the way the left should.

    They clearly have strong opinions on how it shouldn't be done so I'm guessing they might be able to formulate a few ideas between them.

  8. Ahmaud Arbery was a violent kleptomaniac! says:

    He wasn't jogging.

  9. Greg Orwin 1985 says:

    Also the fact that they created the game for entertainment for those who literally can't find enjoyment in things anymore. So affluent and desensitized that everything feels meaningless unless it's literally life or death. A feeling only available under capitalism.

  10. Jess Z. says:

    Dame with that movie, The Platform

  11. BrawnerBandWidth Part Deux says:

    Tim doesn't get many things

  12. noob2243 says:

    Said this under Hasan's video already, but I guess I'll repeat myself: no one should be surprised by this. Tim has previously said, while discussing his dating problems on the podcast, that he thinks it's not actually him but it's "literally everybody else who's wrong". Even if he's serious here and not just pretending to misunderstand the series, it's no wonder he thinks he knows the intended messaging better than the creators of the actual show.

  13. Molotov Milkshake says:

    Since when does debt exist in communism?

    Was the organ harvesting a not-for-profit enterprise?

    WTF is this take? lol

  14. Molotov Milkshake says:

    I mean the fact that it's South Korean should be a pretty clear indicator that it's an allegory of South Korean capitalism, which is well-known for being very brutal and classist.

  15. Xi Wang says:

    Communism would hang everyone who organized Squid Game. It's the total opposite of what communism being all about.

  16. Kropotkin Beard says:

    The people are in debt in a capitalist system to begin with. A small cadre of rich capitalist fucks are bored and pay to watch people kill each other. In fact, they're even betting on whom the winner will be. The End.

  17. Naomi says:

    "Communism is bad because there's corruption, but capitalism is good, it's just the corruption that's bad"

  18. Marcosa says:

    Oh there ain't no rest for the wicked
    Money don't grow on trees
    I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed
    There ain't nothing in this world for free…

  19. LordJapos says:

    I kinda get his thought-process, so I don't this this is a grift thing, more like a brain-fart… or something like that.

  20. Pepe Baiter says:

    i swear im losing braincells listening to that guy with the biden shirt

  21. Molotov Milkshake says:

    I don't get how Tim Pool became so popular. I mean the guy is so insecure about his baldness that he wears the same dirty hat all day every day. You can bet he's no more secure about his political views etc. He seems like a total beta to me.

  22. Lyla The Vegan says:


    "They were actually critiquing communism". Has he watched to the end? The guy in charge of the game was literally a capitalist that was bored.

  23. Dapper Masquerade says:

    the problem isn't stage 1 cancer, it's stage 4 cancer

  24. Dapper Masquerade says:

    fukin Romeo and Juliet met at a masquerade ball for rich people, shit is 600 years old

  25. SplendidFactor says:

    Ah yes, Tim "I know a guy" Pool.

  26. Joe Projects says:

    Tim Pool watches things in x2.5 speed, and reads quick resumés diagonally, then makes a 3 hrs stream about the deep philosophical underpinnings of what he understood. He is an F student, kids should not listen to him to help write essays.

  27. Obzen says:

    My god what a meaningless discussion. Like its important to note Tim Pools opinion on anything. And Vaushes opinion on Tim Pools opinion? I feel like the internet has just turned into on big argument about anything.

  28. Darth Jesus says:

    Squid game bad and communism bad, therefore squid game is communism. by that logic, tim poo and donald trump are communism.

  29. Nathan Todd says:

    Tim Pool isn’t smart enough to grift.

  30. David B says:

    I'd like to see Tim Pool save money to invest when he can barely cover bills much less food for a few weeks.

  31. qwert says:

    vaush is such an awesome guy at debunking himself
    he wants to debunk Tim Pool’s ridiculous argument that show is a critique of communism by… largely agreeing with him and focusing on totally irrelevant points
    no, the point is not that the games are escape from capitalism, the point is that games are culmination of unrestricted capitalism, which is where the critique is spot on.

    ahh vaush, you magnificent idiot

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