Why Bill Gates Is Buying Up U.S. Farmland

Bill Gates made headlines for becoming the largest private farmland owner in the U.S. But he’s not the only one. Some of the wealthiest landowners including Jeff Bezos, John Malone and Thomas Peterffy are buying up forests, ranches and farmlands across the United States. Why? Watch the video to find out.

Investments in farmland are growing across the country as people, including the ultra-wealthy like Bill Gates, look for new ways to grow their money.

In 2020, Gates made headlines for becoming the largest private farmland owner in the U.S. He had accumulated more than 269,000 acres of farmland across 18 states in less than a decade. His farmland grows onions, carrots and even the potatoes that are used to make McDonald’s French fries.

“It’s an asset with increasing value,” American Farmland Trust CEO John Piotti said. “It has great intrinsic value and beyond that, it is a limited resource.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that 30% of all farmland is owned by landlords who don’t farm themselves. Buyers often purchase land from farmers who have owned it for decades; many of whom may be asset rich but maybe cash poor.

“The economic realities for them are typical that they’ve spent their life farming,” said Holly Rippon-Butler, land campaign director at the National Young Farmers Coalition. “Their retirement, their equity is all in the land and tied up in selling land.”

Private landowners are also making a profit by utilizing the land in numerous ways. Approximately 39% of the 911 million acres of farmland across the U.S. is rented out to farmers, and 80% of that rented farmland is owned by landlords who don’t farm themselves data from the Agriculture Department shows.

“The young farmers are just as happy to lease the land because whether you are young or old, it’s a business, right?” said Thomas Petterfy, chairman of Interactive Brokers and owner of 581,000 acres.

“You go buy a farm and you put that cash rental lease in place, you’re going to be looking at about 2.5% return on your capital,” Peoples Company President Steve Bruere said.

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Why Bill Gates Is Buying Up U.S. Farmland


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34 Responses

  1. W.S.B. says:

    Cuz he a damn devil ..what else

  2. Johnny64 says:

    Is this why Gates wants me to buy vegetables disguised as beef?

  3. Mr. Shark Tooth says:

    All points to the downside of BIG Capitalism. Tuff if we don't like it. Good work CNBC!

  4. Mr. Teff says:

    The price of farm land (like everything else) is determined by what people are willing to pay. The super rich are willing and able to pay more than everyone else, which is why the price has gone up so dramatically. Sky-high land prices are symptom of wealth inequality. When farmers need to lease land from wealthy non-farmers, it’s just just modern-day sharecropping.

  5. No Name says:

    We need to be careful with this. Absentee landlords of farmlands have happened before in history in other countries. If something goes wrong it has potential to go so terrible. It won't hurt the landlord but will hurt everyone else. Ultra rich people are not necessarily tied to the country they have all this land in so any sort of famine causing situation will not hurt unscrupulous absentee landlords.

  6. Stephen David says:

    Jesus2nd coming soon before2028 any time

  7. Stephen David says:

    Next pandemic food shortage பஞ்சம் கடைசி காலம் கடவுள் வருகை சமீபம்

  8. Hans Ekstrom says:

    He can sell his land and give for the pepol like Elon promesse
    Give is stockmony a way

  9. noracist republicans says:

    If you think about it, farmers tend to be white republicans, the folks buying the land are democrats and democratic donors. I see this as a great thing! I love to see democrats doing the right thing and I love seeing republicans destroyed!

  10. Maloxi says:

    CNBC being CNBC again. Subtly pushing for more State control, while dividing the country further.

  11. yeahitspersonal says:

    They are buying farmland to hedge inflation not control food .. most of the land bill gates bought has been controlled by funds managers for sometime

  12. Sandra Keener says:

    Many farms are being bought also to be used to build manufacturing plants to grow there companies not farming. Leaving old factories to ruin or toxic messes. They could buy up and clean these old areas, but don't want to take it on, that would help the pollution instead of putting a label of everything climate change. Farming land is decreasing or becoming commercial. Meanwhile we buy, ship a lot of food that should be local, fresher undermining the farmer who cares about the land and future generations.

  13. Sean H says:

    Here in Florida the big builders are buying up the farmland and building subdivisions and apartment complexes on them.

  14. Dave Halcomb says:

    Welcome CCP, your troop barracks will be built here !!

  15. Richard Anderson says:

    Don't forget that just around the corner are robots to replace farm workers. Actually it's already happening. I was going to say that there will be billions of unemployed people in the not too distant future, but climate change will probably wipe them out. Jeff Bezos and his ilk will be watching it all from their mega mansions on Mars.

  16. Nick Walker says:

    Holy crap. My grandchildren are going to live in one of the worst periods in history.

  17. Matthäus LIll says:

    There is something very strange about this guy.
    I prefer Elon Musk.

  18. Philip Fan says:

    Down to earth common sense!

  19. CL McCS says:

    My theory is he's planning on solar farms.

  20. Leonard Chiarini jr. says:


  21. mahmoud BAZ says:

    this mafia pedophile should be in jail Alcatraz, facebook(META) and twitter and youtube mafia block free speech,

  22. John Eagle says:

    "What would it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul"?
    This is a question Jesus asked about 2000 years ago.
    Is it still relevant today?

  23. James Wiliams says:



    Banks will collapse. There will be a period of ~no money~ nowhere. This is where they are going to strike!

    All indications are that banks in the United States are waiting for the economy to collapse. Why did the highest banker (Gates) to be the largest landowner in America and in the world today? This is his next world catastrophe. This is because he knows that due to inflation the dollar will sink along with the economy and then there will be a change to ~a New Currency~. During this period (no currency periot) , many people will not be able to buy food. This is where million and millions will be called to loose their dignity and even their lives for one piece of bread.


  24. sunshine glow says:

    He is obviously developing GMO's that will ultimately control our Fertility,Health-span and many other-things.

  25. Chris Brisson says:

    Via sharecropping, the owner class is no longer responsible for feeding those who work their plantations.

  26. PLPB&stuf says:

    Bill Gates earns 20% from murdering children, but we can get a minimum of 60% if we don't. Bill Gates is bad, Humans aren't.

  27. Top12 boardstore says:

    Land for farming is old school. We will soon farm vertically and in containers locally. Rich people don’t know we’re to put there money. They should pay more tax. We will eat less in the future and look more at organic and nutritional value.

  28. crankupthechainsaw says:

    This guy should be sued for every sandclock minute of his crappy software.

  29. F says:

    the diversity is a great thing to promote by government and mainstream media (like what this CNBC logo represents) but only when it comes to things like sexuality and idenitity politcs because this way it is easier to segregate people and make them appear like enemies to each other. When it comes to owning, diversity is a bad thing for people it is much better to give up all your land and asset to one or few persons to manage your life for you since you are all buncha worthless insects anyways

  30. Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt says:


  31. Peter Min says:

    Can some one tell me, Do they pay tax on this?

  32. Henry Clinton says:

    The stock market has been a really tough one this past year, but I watched an interview on CNBC where the anchor kept mentioning "Tamara Diane Hagan". This prompted me to get in touch with her, and from May 2021 till now we have been working together, and I can now boast of $540,000 in my trading portfolio.

  33. The woof of all streets says:

    Bill gates is such a creep

  34. Bethany Runyon says:

    Sounds like we're getting into a feudal system. Lord's own the land, the fiefs work it, and everyone is at the mercy of the choices of a few powerful men.

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