Why 60% of People are Dead Broke, and How to Avoid The Trap!

In this video, I talk about why 60% of the US is dead broke, and how to get out of the trap if you’re in it.

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34 Responses

  1. Joe Aro says:

    The economic pie always gets larger because birthrate exceeds death rate. There are more consumers today than yesterday. You can carve out a good living without taking from someone else. No one else has to give up anything for you to succeed. Example: In parts of Los Angeles people rent 3-wheel pedal carts with coolers over the front two wheels. They sell frozen confections mostly in an ethnic neighborhood. Not much money made doing that when you subtract cart rental and product cost. One such guy broke the code. He started manufacturing the carts and renting them out. He prospered. Your product is determined by the need or want you satisfy. Thanks Dan for this video and other information you share.

  2. Susan Valvo says:

    want to start retirement and the rv life

  3. Coconut Pete says:

    I love your videos & channel but I do have to agree baby boomers are partially to blame for a lot of the economic problems the country has. I've known baby boomers that were loaded to the gills yet still kept a job that could have gone to a younger person trying to raise a family. All I'm saying is there's a BIG difference between the WWII generation and baby boomers. WWII generation was truly generous and passed on a better life to the next. Baby boomers are the exact opposite, passing down a lot of pain and suffering to the younger generation for no reason at all other than excessive greed. And, we haven't even seen the worst of it yet. Remember this comment as we are at the beginning of the upcoming baby boomer apocalypse. Around 2027 will be the peak. Now to add some positivity to the baby boomer problem the country has I agree… let's find a way to get their money! LOL 🙂 Keep up the great work and videos

  4. Sandra Ramírez says:

    Hi Dan, I want to ask you how many photos do i need for my website? And where can i get them in term of legal issues, i mean legal or do you know any free photo site?. THANKS

  5. Amy Foster says:

    Just now watching this. I am Dead A$$ Broke. Just found your channel today, and posted my first affiliate link today.

  6. Mike Hundley says:

    The 40% create a secondary income stream or even more income streams. The 60% don't try to create a secondary income. They spend there limited income buying from flea markets and dollar stores every time their paid. They end up having more month and being broke.

  7. Kieran Kelly says:

    Hey Dan after doing some web surfing i've actually come across the 'deadbeat theme' quite a bit and am worried this may be an issue, and it may come across as too "fake" or "selly" haha – what are your thoughts? should we try out various themes


    Clown on English all you want. I speak American!

  9. Hambartsum Mardayan says:

    Congrats on 100K , you deserve a lot more than that , great content !

  10. jez warren-clarke says:

    Hi Dan and all, I have bought the deadbeat super affiliate course, so far so good, but I  do have question. My wordpress doesn't have the All In One SEO plug in. can you recommend anyothers that are available. thanks…..stupid me! found it now 🙂

  11. Crackled says:

    Awesome video! Thanks for the pointers I’m sure the one grand is worth it good luck with your new program!

  12. BYFY Show says:

    Hey Deadbeat, great video. I can't believe how many people always blame others for their failure. To be honest, at the moment I'm broke – and I blame only the people in my mirror, ME. And I can tell you, It's tough to get your head up again and start doing. I'm on my way back and soon I will be back on the top. Thank you for your great work!

  13. Shubham Singh says:

    everytime you are live it's like 3 am in the morning by my local time and i sleep at 2

  14. peirce sherpa says:

    i have like $200

  15. Brian Andrew Stephens says:

    Im one. I have $27 in my bank account for the next 3 days. I live paycheck to paycheck.

  16. Rose Jones says:

    It is important to have an education – too many stupid people around. But it is not always related to making money. PS – and about the VA's being slaves, you can make sure that your VA's are not living in dire poverty.

  17. Nathan Murphy says:

    Amazing video Dan, in order to get money you can't be any sort of a victim, and you literally have to think different than almost everyone else out there. This has worked for me in making good money…

  18. Daniel Kovacs says:

    Hi what time is the stream usually? I would love to tune in live!

  19. Tiempo Total says:


  20. Chris Cash says:

    New course @$1k? Im sure its worth it. Can previous course buyers get a signficant discount?

  21. Anna lisa Sing says:

    Love you, Dan! bless your heart, dude! you're so smart.

  22. Ike Paz says:

    Yes, go to war with the inner weakling in you. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.. Make sure you win where it counts.. That being said, you don't need a famine mentality for this type of business, there is plenty around for everybody..

  23. mahesh thapa says:

    Please reply soon

  24. mahesh thapa says:

    Does your Deadbeat SuperAffiliate book ideas applies for india also.

  25. multiwonderrr says:

    Why do you do all those guides doesnt that make you a lot of competetion ?

  26. Lyrical Assassin says:

    i have negative in my bank account lol

  27. Kimberly Davis says:

    What are you gonna offer for that $1,000 in your PKG deal? It's a shame cuz in this tough economy who's gonna spend that. You saw how many ppl are broke. You think you can reach your 1M goal that fast now?

  28. MStacks85 says:

    The lazies ain't gonna like this vid. Everyone has to come tonthos reality at some point in life, builds character

  29. Dan mack says:

    Yep dead broke lol. Work fulltime (more then 40 hr a week) and still dead broke. But thats because ive wasted my time working for other people.
    I m on my way with this affiliate marketing game though. Totally in love with working for myself

  30. Freedom & Fun With JLB & Friends says:


  31. Kimberly Davis says:

    Alot of ppl are saying that the traffic blaster isn't loading up right. Is there some technical issues we should look out for?

  32. Kimberly Davis says:

    Exactly ppl need to do self inventory. Don't be quick to blame something or someone else.

  33. Kimberly Davis says:


  34. Sterling Lowery says:

    For we're all poker player who are dealt a hand of cards in life. And it's up to each of us how we're going to play our hand.

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