Why 40% of Americans Are About to Quit Their Jobs!

Why 40% of Americans Are About to Quit Their Jobs!
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22 Responses

  1. Nicola says:

    But that's the reason why people want to wfh. The company culture is terrible. I don't want to fake laugh with my boss and sit next to people who can't even say good morning.

  2. Talk About it says:

    Robin hood has changed the game too!! Learning how to use money to make money,instead of getting .02 vs 3.2 for your dollar

  3. Kenny Roselle says:

    The new career is sitting at home and getting paid more than most workers.

  4. Josh Boyle says:

    Enough working at pos places

  5. sdsdsdfsdf says:

    regarding working from home… work from the office is a waste of time, working from home is the way to go. No kidding, times are changing

  6. obi wan kenobe says:

    I wonder how many people will passionately flock to their new found passion in cleaning toilets or driving the garbage truck

  7. melanie marsden says:

    Forced vaccinations. Just saying.

  8. Mark F says:


  9. Thomas cuadro says:

    Greed is why people are quiting

  10. J Bar says:

    Dave owns that big beautiful building. Any company that has so much capital tied up in their commercial property, in this Federal Reserve Bank real estate bubble, of course, they will be against work from home. Just calculate the losses if nobody needs all those commercial properties. And the losses in value on all those houses within driving distance to said commercial properties. It would destroy him!

  11. extra medium says:

    I’ve already quit my job. Best decision I ever made. I’ve got more flexibility and freedom than I’ve ever had. Heck I’m even make more money now. Man I love my unemployment checks!

  12. Sandra G. says:

    Working from home is the new norm. Some people love it and some don't. I say you do whatever works for you. My thought is all of these years of working in an office with people you don't necessarily like, but are forced to become a replacement for your family because you see them more than anyone else is a sad thing. Now I see my kids and friends wfh and getting done with their work in a short time, going on vacation often while still working remotely and making good money. I'm watching all of this amazed. I wish I had that same opportunity when I was trying to juggle family life and a drama filled office job I wasn't happy doing and leaving my little one's in daycare when they could've been home with their mommy. I'm just happy more people have a choice.

  13. King Kush says:

    I am looking for a job myself but not taking less then what I want and employers are in line talking to me. Looking good!

  14. Michael Gray says:

    There's a reason

  15. Simplybeef says:

    Ive been moving into better jobs since i was 15 working at a restaurant…its not as hard as it seems…just apply apply apply…evem if you "know you arent qualified"….you miss 100% of shots you dont take

  16. MiScusi1980 says:

    I did the same I quit my Job of nearly 20 years for less money but my mental health was more important and now I have more energy and time to do things and train better I'm not 100% there but I'm on the right track xx

  17. CAP CITY says:

    That’s your choice to work in the office. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong or won’t work for those who don’t. People are tired of their lives being dictated to them just to have a job. People are also tired of the office politics that are not apart of the job either. You cannot just go into work and do your job. And your job doesn’t end in your mind the moment you clock out because you’re over burdened with new responsibilities on top of your old responsibilities so much so, that your mind is constantly going about the place you’re going right back to the next morning. Let’s stop pretending that’s things don’t need to change with Employers and in the work place environment. They need to recognize that without people, your business don’t run. It should be equal give and take. One hand washes the other. These employers need to stop acting like they are doing the people a favor when they are the ones who need people to help make the business run. People are realizing how much of their lives they are giving up for a job that doesn’t pay what doing the job is worth. These companies are stealing from people in more ways than financially and they know it. Now the people can see how it’s being done with that free time they were given to “think” .

  18. Ak is Moist says:

    America where you can switch jobs and do what you want

  19. Hexameter says:

    Wow are these guys full of themselves. They are the ones going to have a rude awakening.

  20. Data Lore says:

    What if working from home has been absolutely great for some of us? Why is this whole push to get people back to work in an office so important if we've been productive working from home all this time? Having to wake up extra early, sit in traffic, work at some office not as comfortable, and then sit in more traffic to get home…..how is that better?
    If my current employer asks me to relocate and move, I'll quit my job.

  21. Chad Markz says:

    Sick of working poor. Done. I now work for myself.

  22. The Ramsey Show - Highlights says:

    Say goodbye to debt forever. Start Ramsey+ for free: https://bit.ly/3w15GxH

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