Who Will Impact The Roster In 2022? w/ Tactical Manager

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Filippo of @Tactical Manager TV joins us to discuss which players could potentially make an impact on the USMNT roster in 2022.

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36 Responses

  1. Si McCall says:

    Tactical “I’d like to apologize for calling them wank report” Manager!!

  2. Shawn Gillogly says:

    Sargent is the kind of player coaches love and fans hate. He's a hard working, non-productive striker. And I'm past the arguments of, "He's shown quality." No. He really hasn't. He wasn't good for Werder Bremen. And that wasn't because they were afraid to attack. He's not good at Norwich. And again, it's not because he doesn't get chances.

    Sargent is a box-to-box midfielder playing striker. Or a player that should've received the Ashley Cole transition 3 years ago. He's not a good finisher. He's not a creative forward. He's decent on the ball, works hard, and flatters to deceive in the final third.

  3. godofsounds says:

    Matthew Hoppe is not overrated. It’s a mistake to say he is overrated because you don’t see him play. You should rate him when he played. Transfer explorations or proposals that did not push through are not rejections of a player. You would say rejected by so many clubs as if it was a one sided affair for a player knocking at the doors of clubs all over. Presume the process of negotiations. We saw his awesome skills in the Gold Cup. He is fast, assess his speed accurately. We saw his beautiful goals with Schalke. He has that magic. I am amazed by that wonderful forward rolling pass he did…he was in the left side ….then his forward rolling pass curved to the right and surprised Daryl Dike in the center….even the goalkeeper was kinda mesmerized. Who does that better all the time? Kevin De Bruyne, for one. Next time Daryl Dike will nail that when Matthew Hoppe does it again. He can score again like he did in Schalke because he has done it before. It’s erroneous to say he is overrated because he is not getting minutes right now. Sometime in August/September 2020, before Caden Clark made his debut game and goal for NYRB in October 2020, Caden Clark was asked in a podcast…..something like ”Who is the most lethal attacking player you played against and why?” Caden Clark simply answered something like…”Matthew Hoppe because he can score with a touch.” Was that opinion a result of inexperience? Maybe not, it could be correct assessment of a true killer in youth clubs and even prophecy. In early 2021 we saw Matthew Hoppe scored beautiful one touch goals for Schalke. In fact, of his 6 goals for Schalke, 4 are one touch to goal. Soccer is a game of surprises and uncertainties, and we can all be clueless crystal ball gazers here trying to predict things and marvel at our success. But I also find time to discern and listen to prophecy. The hype that Matthew Hoppe is a good player and can be a great player is real because the signs of magic can be seen. He is not overrated. Just let his play do the talking.

  4. Josh G says:

    At center forward, I think Sargent needs to be in the conversation, but he has an identity crisis right now. No idea what type of forward he is. He needs to figure it out, but I think we need to get him back in the roster in January.
    I would really like to see more minutes for Pefok (P-Funk). He hasn't been given much time, and he's been decent. Certainly not bad, and at some points very good. I'd like to see more from him.

  5. Matt Stephens says:

    Ugh, that number 9 spot. It's crazy we are in a spot where we seriously have to debate where we can put Reyna when he returns, but yet we can't even find a CF who can earn a chance at backing up or pushing Pepi. Rough City there… Dike was trending that way but now it's offseason. And Sam is right about Sargent. It's all there for him, but he can't take it.

  6. Corey Yee says:

    if they call up tanner tessman, he will most likely play next to busio since they both have been playing for the same team

  7. Mike Irish says:

    I love your content and love your takes. I'm a big fan of Filippo, but these ads makes it hard to watch. It was hard for either of you to get out a thought without being interrupted for an ad break. I understand that you have to make money but you might be losing viewers here. 20 ad breaks in an hour video

  8. mynala110 says:

    You have to bring Hoppe. He brings an intensity reminiscent of Clint that we don’t have on the team. Over rated???? You are no longer my two favorite soccer guys

  9. C Stew says:

    Love this content. Sam and Filippo thank you so much for running down quality content. I quit every job Ive had since 1994 for WC except to 2. Last world(2018) and Japan/Korea. Japan/ Korea I got home from work at 6pm. Slept. woke up at midnight to 1pm drinking lots of coffee and watched all the 12 to 12:30 and 3, 6 am games, and then went to work. This generation is what us die hards have been waiting for. I could not be more excited for this generation. USA!! F my job November 2022. My wife is going to kill me 🙂

  10. mynala110 says:

    My two favorite soccer guys!!!!

  11. Frank Kastler says:

    The thing about Reynolds is he seemed like he was starting to get better last year then Roma hired Jose… There was never a doubt this was going to happen the second he was announced.

  12. Larry Preston says:

    I don’t care what nobody wants to say but I think hoppe and weah can be center forwards if need them. I think weah can play multiple positions, I believe weah is one of our most crafty players he can defend and he is very good as winger

  13. Jay Gregg says:

    Great great show! You guys are killing it! For these long episodes it would be nice to segment them or have links to the different sections of discussion in the description so I can come back and listen easily.

  14. jlb74a says:

    Very possible ggg takes 5 central backs or 5 outside backs to qatar, thus needing to drop a midfielder or a forward. BTW, not unusual for teams to take 5 CBs to a WC.
    It almost looks like Zimmer, Richards, Robinson are locks. Would ggg take injury prone Brooks and Long as two of the five CBs?

  15. DJ PJAY says:

    Badass combo love both your channels

  16. Tiger Turner says:

    Hoppe isn’t playing because of the injury. I’m not saying he’s a starter for Mallorca but when he was healthy he was at least on the bench. Definitely not in the conversation.

  17. Aaron Brennan says:

    USMNT ain’t making it out the group stages at the wc

  18. Albert Lizarraga says:

    Also hoppe has done more with those performances in Germany , Than Morris will ever achieve in his career. Don’t know what’s the debate . He’s also 20 lol

  19. Albert Lizarraga says:

    The downplay for aaronson has to stop . He’s a class player with energizer bunny battery on his back def a USA starter , long is an amazing mls player who plays like a staple mls all star.not good or talented enough to go over seas to a top league in Europe ever , same as Morris sorry shouldn’t be in conversation.

  20. Felix Santos says:

    First off – hats off to Sam for his hot take on Hoppe. So many USMNT YouTubers have the same predictable takes on rosters and you rarely see anything original. So good for Sam to step out and state his opinion on Hoppe. However I do disagree with Sam in this regard – the most overrated player in the pool isn't Hoppe, it's Konrad. At least Hoppe has scored a hat trick in the Bundesliga and scored a big goal for the US (GC semifinal). Konrad has never done anything for the national team and has a couple of flashes for Marseille but not much else. Konrad is a technical player but he isn't able to bring that ability to bear to influence games and create chances. He doesn't have a high work rate or great in build-up so he's a bit of a 'one-trick pony' at this point in his career. They are both overrated and shouldn't be near the national team until they are consistently productive for their clubs.

  21. ChambersWI says:

    I've made a point to watch all Venezia games. Any issues I see from Tessman to me are fixable with pt and seems like he has forced himself into the rotation

  22. D S says:

    I agree about Tessman as backup 6 but I don’t see Gregg considering anyone but Acosta unless Acosta is injured.

  23. Dirk S says:

    I think Sargent madea a mistake going to the Premier league. Klinsmann at the time said he should stay with Bremen in the Bundesleague 2 where he could get his confidence up. I think a lower level where he could be scoring goals regularly to build his confidence would have been better.

  24. samuel cutts says:

    Jake from Fifamerica suggested Sargent as a 6. I am keen to see this because Sargent has more ability than Acosta and Arriola. He deserves to be in the 23 because he handles himself well in the EPL BUT doesn’t score. If Sargent can be a winger/striker/ and a six. He creates some flexibility and we will be bringing one of our better players.

    From one Sam to another Sam. I want to see Sargent get going as a striker but uncertain, he will.

    One thing that may spark him is playing again with Weah. They pair well together and hopefully he gets that chance in January.

    And yes, I agree Tesserman is next in line as a chance at the six.

  25. Father Gabriel Stokes says:

    I missed you

  26. Constantine says:

    If Richy Ledezma starts playing for PSV's first team again, he might be considered for World Cup qualifying.

  27. Jake Prieto says:

    Hoppe should have stayed with schalke04. First American Bundesliga hattrick

  28. David Milko says:

    The big take away from this (Filippo said it) is that we have the talent, the question is if Gregg knows how to use it. The way I see it there are roughly 40 players that have the Talent to be in consideration for the WC Squad (Core + Complementary + Fringe). These should be the focus of camps going forwards. Unfortunately I don't think Gregg will drop/avoid some of the dead weight that he keeps in his camp rotations. Instead he's constantly trying to pound his square pegs into round holes.
    IMO….We have an excellent & Exciting Core group of young players who have proven capable of starting for this team and if healthy should be leading in 2022:
    (12) – Pulisic, Reyna, Weah, Aaronson, McKennie, Adams, Musah, Dest, M. Robinson, Richards, Steffen, Turner
    We have a nice group of complementary players who can be starters or come off the bench:
    (11) – Konrad, Pepi, Sargent, Dike, Busio, Zimmerman, Brooks, Scally, A. Robinson, Yedlin, Horvath,
    Then there are the Fringe guys (Need a career spark to elevate themselves):
    (16) – Hoppe, Pefolk, Morris, Gioacchin, Luca, Green, Mighten, Tessmann, Cardoso, Perea, Sands, Cannon, Reynolds, CCV, McKenzie, Johnson
    Then there are "Gregg's Guys"….most of which people question why there in camps:
    (8) – Zardes, Arriola, Lletget, Roldan, Acosat, Long, Ream, Bello
    Lastly the "Dark Horse" players. Guys who either too young or just don't have the time necessary to advance to the Sr. USMNT Team:
    (8) – Balogun, Sanogo, Ulysses, Cowell, Ledezma, Clark, Gomez, Otasowie

  29. SuperRavensfan101 says:

    one player i wanted to mention, this is more theoretical but DeJuan Jones the LB for the NE Revs caught my eye this season and the numbers seem to back up the eye test as he statistically had a great season. There was rumors of bundesliga clubs interested in the summer. If he gets a transfer and then fights for a spot at one of these clubs i'd look at him for the LB position as well, kind of a dark horse imo, isn't talked about enough because Gregg hasn't given him an opportunity yet but I'd like to see him get one

  30. Taser Shot says:

    Thanks so much for what you do! love your videos. On the down side, I think there are way too many YouTube ads. You may want to check your settings. Thanks again!

  31. ALDAIRSWORLD says:


  32. sha zhou says:

    arit—he assisted Hoppe’s hat trick. He is in OM with Konrad.

  33. MyTurkeySub says:

    USSF needs to take development serious, and they need to stay consistent with it. Most people won't talk about this, and it's the reason why we didn't make the 2018 WC. We were still playing the players from the old guard, and we truly didn't develop many players from the "lost generation". With that being said, after this WC cycle, it's probably time to stop calling up Brooks, Yedlin, Zimmerman, Arriola, Lleglet, Morris and Long (I'm sure I'm missing some players). We cannot hang on to results from the past, we must always look forward.

  34. Jackie D says:

    If Hoppe is over rated or not is kind of beside the point. If we had guys playing and scoring at a high level he wouldn't be in the discussion, but we just don't. His 6 goals last season was the most for any American in a top 5 league. So maybe you could argue our entire team is a bit over rated.

  35. fallenphoenix says:

    I think our players chances of making it to the WC squad atm is:
    Core: Steffan, Turner, Dest, Scally, Richards, Mrob, Brooks, Arob, Adams, Mckennie, Musah, Reyna, Pulisic, Aaronson, Weah, Pepi
    Probable: Acosta, Horvath, Sargent, Zimm, Busio, Yedlin
    Greg inclusion Favorites : Morris, Long, Zardes, Arriola, Vines, Moore, Mckenzie
    Fringe: Konrad, Tessman, Gioacchini, Hoppe, De la Torre, Dike, Reynolds, Miazga, Clark, Ferreira, Bello
    1% Chance: Green, Cardoso, CCV, A.Sonora, Gomez, Cowell

  36. Peter Hamel says:

    Love to see some of the best USMNT channels supporting each other. I watch each of you guys, and I think there is room for all of you!

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