Which Dates Are the Most Important on Your Credit Report? – Credit Countdown With John Ulzheimer

What do all those dates on your credit report mean? Learn from credit expert John Ulzheimer which dates actually matter and how they affect your credit score.

Tradeline Supply Company, LLC presents Credit Countdown with John Ulzheimer.

Having worked in the credit industry for nearly three decades for companies such as FICO, Equifax, and Credit.com, John Ulzheimer is one of our nation’s most sought-after credit experts and the leading authority on credit-related topics.

There is no better place to find reliable insider information about credit than hearing it straight from the most respected and authoritative credit expert.

This video series will showcase the latest news about credit, cover all the most important credit-related topics, and serve as a high-level learning medium for professionals and savvy consumers alike to increase their depth of knowledge about credit and how to navigate the credit system.

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3 Responses

  1. Johan Dawn says:

    Thanks for the Knowledge. Great stuff!

  2. Bob Tackleberry says:

    From my understanding, paying down an installment loan by 40% is favored by high fico score achievers? What percentage should be paid down to receive a optimal fico score? How does the fico score differ between a revolving and an installment trade loan?

  3. April McCants says:

    I have a question, What does it mean when you dispute addresses and names and credit scores go down dramatically and one credit score is missing all together? Have you seen anything like this before?

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