When your customer has a good credit score, you make more sales!!

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Better access to credit equals more disposable cash.

What is the sales person’s role to help clients have more cash to spend with their organization?

We know that the sales team wants potential customers to be approved quickly and seamlessly—receiving a generous line of credit that they can start using immediately. Meanwhile, credit staffers want to take the time to make accurate assessments about risk exposure—even if that means putting the brakes on an approval temporarily.

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) in partnership with the Caribbean Credit Repair Association (CCRA) is pleased to invite your membership to our upcoming webinar to look at the numerous ways to soften this resistance and help the two departments cooperate.

This 90 minute webinar will have the following guest speakers:

*Ms. Dennise Williams, President of the CCRA

*Mr. Delroy A. Josephs, Consultant, Credit Repair Services Jamaica

*Ms. Denise Shand, business development officer, CRIF Information Bureau Jamaica

*Principal Kevin Powell, Jamaica Stock Exchange Ecampus

From this webinar, you will walk away with key tactics to help your customers improve their credit and thereby increase your sales and positively impact your bottom line.

*Our conversation will cover:

*How to help clients become credit aware to improve their disposable income.

*Who tracks your clients’ spending and credit habits?

*What information is being collected about your clients?

*How the CREDIT REPORT leads to sales

*What should clients look for in their credit reports?


*The benefit of joining the Jamaica Stock Exchange E-campus for credit restoration education.

Be sure to learn more at www.caribbeancreditrepairassociation.com.

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