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A lot of the questions you have can all be answered in this frequently asked questions area, so be sure to give it a read first.

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how often can you dispute an item on your credit report

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32 Responses

  1. thisiscrollo says:

    Hey Brandon, I got some soft inquiries on my Experian but reported are hard inquiries on my Transunion. What do I do?

  2. John John says:

    I think you should look into having light in the back to act as a gradient (will look nice) BUT GREAT INFO ALWAYS!

  3. Josh Lindsey says:

    Hey Brandon, should I send the inquiry letters (from the beyond committed package) out via certified mail or could I just send them out regular mail?

  4. Clarke Shave Company says:

    Hey Brandon, I went to the dealership about a monthly ago and I’m still getting denial letters from some banks. My credit report shows over 20 inquiries. They lied and said if it’s within the same month, it will only show up as just 1 inquiry. Should i send the letters to the dealership or the credit bureaus?

  5. Sonny & Luna's Story Adventures says:

    So I just finished filling out my dispute letters. I recently got married and have changed my last name, my social security card currently does not match my CA ID, should I also include an image of my marriage certificate? or the copies of my social and ID be ok? Second part of my question is when signing and notarizing should I sign my maiden name or married name?

    Thank you in advance, you have helped me tremendously!

  6. jonnita walker says:

    If my DL does not have my current, but previous address on it. Can I still attach to the dispute letters when getting notorrized and send out? I just want to keep my first step process going to get 1 medical account removed. Thank you in advance.

  7. Davis Smith says:

    Can I dispute all my inquiries in the same letter to the credit Bureau’s instead of sending several letters for each inquiry

  8. Greg Myers says:

    Can I send letter to hard inquires with active loans and old credit cards debt

  9. Jay Hiker says:

    Hey brandon. I think I may have messed up… I have sent out my first round of letters but never put a freeze through sagestream. Due think this will pose a problem in the process of fixing my credit? All of this can be very overwhelming, especially when I would like to buy a house and open my own small business. What should I do?

  10. Maria Gonzalez says:

    Can I send one of these letters to a PO box ?

  11. Justina says:

    Brandon can I dispute hard inquiries that I approved but I didn’t get approved for?

  12. Gerrard Flowers says:

    How do you freeze lexisnexis

  13. john briscoe, jr says:

    love your videos and I learn so much question:
    hello wanted to ask if I didn't receive credit for the credit I applied for and it's on my credit report do I tell Experian, TransUnion and Equifax "I applied for this and that but didn't receive any credit from them?" And ask Credit Agency to remove Inquiries?

  14. Chosen Property Solutions says:

    does anyone send them certified mail? thanks.

  15. Aaron Mele says:

    Hey Brandon, what if I don't have the account numbers for the negatives I'm disputing? Thanks for what you do!

  16. Meccadouja - says:

    I didn't know about Sagestream and ARE.
    I just got a letter back from Lexus Nexus with a letter confirming they froze it along with the pin.
    Dang, back to the drawing board. Lol

  17. Mr. Mark says:

    Hi. So freeze Sagestream, Lexus Nexus and ARS PRIOR to sending inquiry disputes and collection disputes?

  18. Michael Pedroso says:

    Brandon…we just received all of inquiry dispute so called verication back and refused to remove them…. we didn't know about Sage screen prior to sending the disputes…so what should we do now??…btw we are your fully committed package clients…thanks!

  19. Balloons and More Gifts says:

    If no credit is granted or an account isn't open those inquiries by law supposed to be removed if requested.

  20. queensofspades decs says:

    So is it a good idea to dispute all inquries in 1 round letter? Like if you have 30 inquries should you remove them all or dispute 15 and 15?

  21. barbara wright says:

    Good tips

  22. Nicholas R Pappajohn says:

    Why do you have me blocked??

  23. O.J. Rushton says:

    Can you remove inquires that have accounts attached to them??

  24. Allen Andrews says:

    whats your email?

  25. Ms SeaPortCredit says:

    Great advice thank you for the info great timing…

  26. M Feagins says:

    I received my SageStream letter with Pin today. You mention ARS and Lexus Nexus. Do I need to freeze those as well to dispute the Bankruptcy? Thanks again!

  27. Deonte Morris says:

    Brandon do you recommend any secured credit cards such as capitol one or discover for someone with a fico score of 540

  28. fifdaddy says:

    Brandon, if one bureau remove an account and another verify the same account, should I send the results of the one bureau to the other bureau showing it is deleted?

  29. Chosen Property Solutions says:

    One of my Trans Union letters were received today! Yay! 30 Days to respond with proof right?

  30. States Man says:

    I just bought your beyond committed package

  31. Sal OC says:

    Come to the Dark Side.

  32. Ne'Dra Bell says:

    Is it possible to just receive the hard inuiry removal letters? I already have the first package with the dispute letters, and didn’t want to buy another package. What is your email address? Thanks.

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