When To Pay Your Credit Card Bill And Increase Your Credit Score!!!

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how to get negative things off your credit report

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20 Responses

  1. Paola says:

    If I pay my credit card as soon as I make a purchase and my balance is 0 by the time the due date comes can I get my credit score go up or will it just stay the same?

  2. Miguel Ducasse says:

    on point with the break down had someone talk to me about paying to soon etc but my situation was completely differnt then his situation lol niiice 0% 15 months on 3 of my cedit cards has a completly different game plan then his credit paying approach…..thanks

  3. Jonny the monkey says:

    So let’s say I have a credit limit of 1000, I’ve used about 400. My due date is in 1-2 days, I have to make sure I pay it off, so the statement comes out as 0. Then the closing date is 3 days after my due date, and I spend about 10% of the credit limit I have restored. So now on the closing date it says I have used only 10% of my credit and the bureau now sees that I’ve only spent 10% instead of 30%, will that help my credit score increase over time?

  4. Jesus says:

    Great video

  5. Jesus says:

    I love rewatching you're videos.

  6. Joe Om says:

    Too much ramble for me. Im out

  7. A mumbz says:

    The Teacher: do you understand?
    Me: simple and very clear. Straight to the point.

  8. LCM LCM says:

    That was knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks

  9. Muzicboy3 says:

    For the trying to build credit method, why do we need to leave a small amount of money on card? Why can’t we just pay off the whole balance instead?

  10. Sebastian Lind says:

    How do I know when my statement closing date is?

  11. Nina Meas says:

    If im trying to increase my score, should I leave a small balance or pay it in full?

  12. Johnny Maze says:

    Very helpful, thanks for being clear

  13. The Daniel Drew says:

    Does the paying it off and leaving a little apply to annual fees too on credit cards or just pay that in full .

  14. contact Brian on ➄➀➇➅➁⓪➅➂➃⓪ says:

    Got my credit card of 30k paid with the help of Brian. It was fast with no advance payment

  15. Israel Nieves says:

    Well explained

  16. Mehkii A says:

    Simple and to the point! Awesome job!

  17. Jimmy Deneus says:

    I need this one day imma get apply with a credit card

  18. Nick Dimas says:

    Please use numbers on screen to drive your advice. way easier for visual learners as it relates to these kinds of educational videos. Thx!

  19. contact Brian on ➄➀➇➅➁⓪➅➂➃⓪ says:

    Got my credit card debt paid off by Tom, he was super fast!

  20. msUwU Lizé says:

    Then why do some people have a due date after their closing date? And is it beneficial for increasing score or is that just to avoid interest

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