When Is Bankruptcy Ok?

When Is Bankruptcy Ok?
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26 Responses

  1. Let Freedom Ring says:

    Diesel trucks hold their value. KBB might say 30k but you need go look at what diesel trucks are going for in your area.

  2. Chris Leeland says:

    The fact the Ramsey is so successful after this speaks volumes

  3. Jackie Holland says:

    I wish there was a follow up. I would bet they didn't get beaters to drive. They are way too bougie for that! Lol

  4. Ahmed Mahdi says:

    How i can call you plz

  5. theMekanik says:

    Who gives these people money??

    How do these types of people have authority over us???

    I would loose my Fkn mind!!!! We are in Disney Land WAKE UP!!!!

  6. Nick Johnson says:

    Dave Ramsey is a hypocrite, he filed for bankruptcy and now he's worth over 50 million dollars. Sounds like he doesn't even take his own advice.

  7. Nick Johnson says:

    Bankruptcy is only okay when your income is far below what you owe to your creditors. during bankrutpcy you have to go through what's called a "means test", if you pass meaning you make below the average salary for a single person then you can file bankruptcy, if you make more than that then you aren't allowed to file chapter 7 and have to file chapter 13 bankruptcy which is a repayment plan for i believe 5 years.

  8. MiT Lei says:

    Keep the $450 lease, better than paying $7k to get out of it early

  9. Jessica Stanfield says:

    This all helps "IF" she can get that stuff sold for what she should.

  10. Kevin Sherrard says:

    That sounds like a whole Lotta trouble, why not just let them go or do the bankruptcy that she was talking about?

  11. Kevin Sherrard says:

    That sounds like a whole Lotta trouble, why not just let them go or do the bank Repsie that she was talking about?

  12. Kevin Sherrard says:

    That sounds like a whole Lotta trouble, why not just let them go or do the bank Repsie that she was talking about?

  13. Jeremy Cornwell says:

    when millions of Americans go bankrupt, for America to pay that debt. we have to kill innocents and take money from war lords, oil barrens, dictators, czars. @

  14. Lees706 says:

    I don’t agree with Dave. Your credit is going to be destroyed either way. So why not file bankruptcy.

  15. C Huston says:

    Note to everybody Dave Ramsey as of now is worth $55 million it's easy for him to sit there and try to get people to avoid bankruptcy however he filed for bankruptcy back in the day and alleviated all that debt I think that's the best option for this person is bankruptcy

  16. C Huston says:

    come on Dave, she could file for bankruptcy if a chapter 7 she can liquidate her assets and get rid of that debt and learn from her mistakes,If she can't do chapter 7 then chapter 13 is a payment plan she's still going to work a lot of things out and negotiate the loans all that stuff. This is more of a hassle What you're getting at is it's still going to put her in debt

  17. Sarah Jones says:

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  18. goolgappa5 says:

    Good math ..
    But take her out from it first ask what you really want to do ..

  19. Shane Drummond says:

    Man, you just settled a lot of my nerves thanks for this insight Dave and thanks Jessica for opening up about your concerns!

  20. Pedro C says:

    Could just do a lease takeover in the Lincoln

  21. Karen Mike says:

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  23. Richard Donovan says:

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  24. Kimberly Levin says:

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  25. Julie Anderson says:

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  26. Patrick Carrillo says:

    8:15 and 10:31

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