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  1. Stussy1 says:

    I have two accounts in collections, both from IC Systems. In the remarks section, it says “affected by natural disaster; placed for collection”. I never even touched these accounts, is that disputable?

  2. Zoilo Pichardo says:

    Can't find the hinarchy and the dispute reason. Can you sure a link? Thanks

  3. Deborah Saddler says:

    Hey Kristen again great information, tips, and strategies. I love when you White board this info, and break it down for people if they want to do it themselves. It is so true that clearly the credi bureaus are not for the consumers, they don't want you to succeed. Thanks again for your help and your quest to educate the public.

  4. Sky is the limit says:

    Hey Kristin wanted to know if you suggest writing (typing) things out all on 1 page or however many it may take or getting a report that has all 3 reports on 1 & circling inaccurate things & writing what’s wrong with it OR getting 1 report say experian circling & sending to experian & etc? Which method do you suggest? Please help I’ve been trying to find the answer ❤️

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