What They Don’t Teach You In School Ft. Joseph & Emmanuel Asuquo | The 90s Room #AD

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Topics in this episode include:
🗣What Effects Your Credit Score
🗣Being In Debt
🗣Getting a Mortgage
🗣Experian Entrepreneurship Challenge

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22 Responses

  1. The Alkebulan Trust says:

    The Western Society game is rigged. Time to unplug from the matrix. No human should be living like this. It's actually inhumane. Yet many people just comply like a lost sheep.

  2. fuckeries says:

    Should you reduce your credit limit if you can’t afford to manage or you struggle with discipline. OR Should you keep the utilisation at 50% knowing that you might mess it up in an impulsive moment? Ideally, I’d like to reduce the limit to like 500 and keep the utilisation at 50%.

  3. Mendes says:

    Brilliant questions

  4. Alexandria says:

    "Learning so much, while laughing so much" I can't think of a better description for this Pod! God bless you guys, can only wish you more deserved blessings.

  5. Bels says:

    80% of the people that scream we should have been taught this in school wouldn't have even listened in these lessons if were keeping it trill

  6. Tea Palmer says:

    Very Good episode. A lot of good questions asked and gems dropped.

  7. kwame opoku says:

    Any info on council properties n dat dnt really care private ting muni aint stretching like dat

  8. The Alkebulan Trust says:

    Gotta give credit to the 90s Baby Show for getting these bruddaz on because financial education is a must if people are to survive and thrive in the Western Society they were born in.

  9. Nuella says:

    I think this is my favourite episode so far

  10. Jay Borilo says:

    Im looking to study to be a Financial Advisor so hearing and seeing guys like Emmanuel & Joseph in those positions is inspiring, and interesting to listen to

  11. Beverlyy Xo says:

    I really don’t understand why we’re not taught these things in school. They really want us to suffer.

  12. Beverlyy Xo says:

    Jheeze let me get my notebook out chileee

  13. Dan Odamo says:

    Love this

  14. Black Millennial Money says:

    Thanks for having me on. Really enjoyed it. Remember to sign up to take part in the challenge!

  15. renato santana says:

    Should’ve asked if you can give other people your credit

  16. Victor-J Music says:

    Learning so much while laughing so much.

  17. Abayomi Onakoya says:

    Dude in the middle is a very THICK individual. Wonder how much he has on his Monzo. Just has DAFT opinions

  18. Codename AZURA says:

    Would of been good to hear them talk about Klarna and clearpay and them 3 month payment options

  19. Feliciana x says:

    I've watched and read things about credit scores through out the years but only watching this do I now actually get it, loool thank you.

  20. QueenBossism says:

    Vps so funny his comments are on the sly kill me

  21. Alisha johnsen says:


  22. The Alkebulan Trust says:

    When you calculate it many have already made their first 10k from their jobs but obviously with taxes and other expenses it's hardly seen properly.

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