What supposedly legitimate things do you think are scams? (r/AskReddit)

AskReddit People share what supposedly legitimate things do you think are scams?
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26 Responses

  1. Roy Mustang says:

    90% of college degrees.

  2. cubey says:


  3. Russ Scott says:

    The u.s. government, IRS.

  4. Mikey Man X says:

    Workout supplements for the most part are a complete waste of money. Alot of these companies put fillers and useless crap in their products and ridiculously overcharge for them. There are very few that are legitimate. Look at how many lawsuits there have been over the years against these brands. Best thing you can do is simply have a balanced, healthy diet.

  5. Moiizty says:

    For the textbook ones, buy kindle or use phone and find a pdf or epub of the textbook or buy it, drm free it and return it via customer support then send around

  6. Mr. W says:

    The republican party.

  7. SuperMichelleDJ says:


  8. Brit says:

    I have no proof but those UV light cleaners that popped up around the time covid started seems like a scam

  9. Logan Kimmet says:

    The whole cellphone industry is a scam. They are overpriced, flimsy, and most company's have convoluted warranties. Also, if you haven't payed for the insurance, most companies don't even offer you the ability to fix the thing if something like a software issue pops up. They'll just want you to replace it, and throw the old one away. Oh and I'm pretty sure certain companies put out updates that do mess up your phone's software on purpose, to boost sales. That part isn't exactly proven though. Don't forget about the salespeople being incredibly aggressive and trying to get you locked into plans you don't need, or to get a more expensive phone than you originally wanted.

  10. Gonderage says:

    13:09 i almost worked for Vector, and i did it at first because i thought the coworkers were attractive. had i not been an absolutely slothful about actually going outside and talking to people, i wouldve been not only a broke gay, but also a dumb and broke gay. had a friend who later joined them, but fortunately he got out after he realized he too is too lazy lol.

  11. Paula Hattson says:

    Hi, you have email address that i can contact, cos i have some videos project that need to be edited. And I was wondering if maybe we can work it together 😀

  12. thulo dari says:


  13. Toni Roberson says:


  14. justin dillingham says:

    Life is the biggest scam

  15. Mr48two _ says:

    Online Advertising. Its just way too extreme. Cant watch a 3 min video on FB without 1 in skippable ad, 2 skippable ads, one small ad bar at the bottom of your video.

    Mostly consisting of misleading games, games that make dumb ass choices or games where they start off broke as a joke, grabs some random gun off the floor, shoots 10 zombies, and then all of a sudden has a fortressed kingdom.

  16. Indrid Cold says:

    College used to be a way to improve yourself, find better career opportunities, become more knowledgeable. Now it is just an indoctrination scam that makes most more stupid and robs them of money.

  17. _JustAnotherKid_ 2021_ says:

    For the auction sites: Can't you just get an alternate account on an auction site and "bid" with the other person in the hopes they will bid higher than "the opponent (you)" or is that illegal?

    Welp, just looked it up, apparently it's called Shill bidding, and is illegal, still would've been a big brain moment.

  18. Mushroomician says:

    The universe

  19. Mushroomician says:

    Helium miners shortage

  20. SuperiorFanBase says:

    2 factor authentification on things that really don't need it. Isn't that really just confirming that you're a real person so that your data is more valuable to sell

  21. Darth Theo says:

    On Penny Auctions, I tend to look for like 5 dollar gift card auctions, no one seems to bet. I got a 5 dollar gift card for 10 cents.

    But they all share the big things that everyone wants.

  22. The Brony Games says:

    Flux. I've always been able to do soldering jobs perfectly fine without it, yet some people swear it's impossible without it

  23. Peter Panacea says:

    When I worked in the death industry, my office received an email with tactics on how to bully grieving people to spend more money. It was disgusting; that was also when I quit. I walked out with a sneer right then and there.

  24. Nax says:

    Money in general. How can a country be in debt on something man made?

  25. Bryan Garcia says:

    Streaming services.

  26. cruciferousvegetable says:


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