Ever wonder what loan officers look for on a credit report? Or why they always want to pull your credit and tell you without pulling credit that they can’t possibly know if you qualify? This video will not just explain it, it will SHOW you why and cover all aspects of what loan officers see every day when they pull credit. I go into an in depth review of a credit report and explain how uninformed decisions impact credit scores.

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21 Responses

  1. Troy Riggle says:

    Shawn love your videos and all the help you have given me in my last 2 mortgages, hopefully I can find a house in Knoxville soon and we can do a 3rd one. I have a question about credit scores. Since I have moved "south" I have 2 store credit cards (Slumberland and Menards) with a combined limit of $15,000. I more than likely will never use these cards again. I'm going to assume like other cards that don't get used they will close these accounts. Is there a way to minimize the damage done to my credit score as my limits will have dropped quite a bit, do I try and ask someone like Visa for a credit limit increase to balance it out?

  2. Brandi Johnson says:

    Great information breaking down the credit report.

  3. ulises belmonte says:

    Will all the derogatory accounts even if they have been paid off still hurt my client for 7 whole years?

  4. Aramis Sandoval says:

    How does a loan officer look at late payments from 6 years ago?

  5. Robert Bidot says:

    I've got 3 hard inquiries for mortgage refinancing. 2 were within 7 days of each other and the other one was a month later. All 3 still show up on my report. November and December of last year and the other was in January. I haven't tried to remove then or correct them since I don't know how to take care of it.

  6. Brandi Johnson says:

    This was very informative and easy to understand. Thank you!

  7. Tisa Law says:

    Very informative video. Thanks so much! I have a question about Authorized Users on credit accounts and how it may impact the credit account holder's credit. If you have excellent credit and add an authorized user that has poor credit and a credit history that includes student loan debt, will that impact the account holder's credit rating in any way (any charges will be paid on time by the account holder)? In this video, it looked as though the owner of the credit report was an authorized user on someone else's account who was delinquent often with paying the account when it was due, which in turn appeared as late payments on this credit report. It didn't seem as though this person was the account holder. Your thoughts are appreciated.

  8. Shantell Enonuya says:


    If medical bills sent to collections are disputed, does that affect a person from getting a mortgage in the future?

  9. Janice Garcia says:

    Can we have a copy of what was pulled, through a loan officer? Because I thought my Credit was lower but then the Loan officer said that it's showing much higher but I don't know how to find the more accurate Credit report. I went to AnnualCreditReport.com and pulled my credit but it was showing the same as credit Karma and Experian no difference, so not sure if only the loan officers see the most accurate one, oh and by the way I got multiple things removed recently and my score went up on credit Karma Ext. so will it show even higher on there end too? or should I wait?

  10. Rely in yourself says:

    INCREDIBLE advice! Spoke with him over the phone for some advice and he is on point!

  11. jryan86 says:

    Geez! I bet a lot of potential buyers have reports like this! What is the likely hood if this client had a high income they would be approved? What Credit score are you seeing with the best interest rates in todays market?

  12. Jamie L says:

    Weird question, houses in my area (3 bedroom) are typically in the $20k-$90k range. And they are legitimately NICE homes but no one will touch our application due to mortgage minimums. Thoughts on moving forward?
    Recommendations on where to attempt? ANY help would be very appreciated!

  13. Charlesbjtown says:

    That credit report is brutal.

  14. nico1213 says:

    How would I check my credit report? I am looking to buy in March/April. Should I pull my credit now to verify any debts or information that could be on there?

  15. Serhii Pertsovych says:

    Great video! Very informative.

  16. magic cheeseball says:

    I have 3 or 4 collections my credit report from experiam from hospital bills some drop off and some come on and i haven't neem in the hospital two are the same exact amount 658.62 and it's from over 9 years ago. I don't even know what they are from my insurance covered my bills and I told the collections people that on the one's that called me .can any of those effect my credit? Im not paying for bills that i don't even know what they are from. They said from doctors i never even heard of and some tests or something i don't even know what were.

  17. Trey Watkins says:

    I had a loan denied one time because I had an open dispute on my credit report. Is this accurate?

  18. The perfect Blend says:

    How does old student loan late pays affect your home buying power?

  19. Ruby Sage says:

    Yeah, those medical collections can sneak up on ya, no matter how hard you're trying to stay on top of things.

  20. Syii says:

    Thank you for this break down. Sharing this video with my friend. She has student loan debt and wanted to know how it was calculated. Good Stuff!

  21. Shawn C Neely says:

    Please tell people about and share this video. And please subscribe. Let me know what surprised you in the comments below.

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