What is this legal vs factual dispute with credit reports under FCRA?

Today we want to talk about an argument that collectors will make when you dispute with them.

They make the argument that they don’t handle legal disputes, only factual disputes.

The reason they make this argument is because they want to get out of doing any kind of proper investigation.

We need to hold their feet to the fire and hold them accountable for their actions.

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  1. pink&confidantP2Me says:

    A judge decided I did not owe SSI well I'm still paying back what I do not owe decided by a judge I can sue the SSA its illegal haaaa SSA your screwed now and are there any accountants in North Dakota that do what you do because the creditors are reporting inaccurate information as accurate and I cant find anyone

  2. albert rivera says:

    Thank you for your answer

  3. Easy Bake BBQ says:

    Thanks Again John, What is the difference between sale of receivables and sale of accounts? Seems like you have talked about this in another video but I am not finding it.

  4. Tidre L says:

    Thank You

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