What is Credit Repair || I Have Negative Items On My Credit Report || 609 Credit Repair | Fix Credit

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What is Credit Repair? Check out: Verifying if the debt on your credit report is actually yours! Removing negative items off of your credit report. Fixing your credit allows you to remove negative or derogatory accounts, hard inquiries. You can remove public records like bankruptcies, foreclosures. A bad fico score doesn’t have to be your end all. You can increase your score and build credit with the help of my ebooks and videos. This dispute process utilizes the fair credit reporting act.






What is Credit Repair || I Have Negative Items On My Credit Report || 609 Credit Repair | Fix Credit

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get negative items off credit report

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13 Responses

  1. George Senda says:

    I have a question. I looked up some of my negative items on a credit website and I know the reportingbdates are listed as far too new when I knew the debt occurred 3 years ago. The debts are listed as 2016. On two items I refused to pay two major cell phone accounts because one kept dropping ALL my calls for 5-7 months & would fix it ( the “ V “ company ) & the other one kept switching me into their data plan every month for months ( the alphabet company ). I got the phones because of my late Mother as she wanted a way to contact me 24-7 because of her age and health. She’s been dead 3 years. I refused to continue paying their contracts.

  2. Rigardo The Silver Eyed Lion King says:

    Can I open an account with safe guard in my iPad tablet. I don't have a computer just my smart phone s7 edge and my iPad tablet. Please let me know.

  3. M H says:

    Hey Brandon, I purchased your program. I am preparing to send out my 1st round of letters however I was wondering do I send out a letter to the CB for each item or can I put several items on one letter?

  4. jb1nation says:

    Brandon , I am one of your customers .. Paid for your program

    I have a question … Where do I find my account numbers that I am disputing ? I have my credit report but it does not show all of the account number .. Xxxxxx8979 example ..

    The company experian.com I use to get my report says I have to call the Creditor and ask for the FULL account # ..

    What is your advice ?

  5. Jose Perez says:

    Awesome Brandon.. you 609Creditrepair.com helped me go from low 600's to now I'm in the hight 700"s thanks bro !!! 

    Jose P.

  6. DruOG says:

    Great information Brandon. Any tips and actions that you can touch on given the recent breach with Equifax. Thanks.

  7. Gregory Alford says:

    My Transunion and Equifax score are rising I'm working with a company called FES, my question is how do I get my Expieran score

  8. Donald C says:

    I've been using Brandon system since June 2016, I was able to remove all collections, in the process I went from having no credit to 3 credit cards. Cap1, Discover, Chase. Credit went from mid 500's to current Fico 688. The only thing I'm having a hard time with late payments on my student loan, they just refuse to remove them.

  9. Wendy Spencer says:

    I live in Canada. Im not sure if the same princples in your book would apply year. I need to repair my credit.

  10. Steven R. says:

    Hey Brandon, how do I get rid of inquiries on my credit report that are non account holding?

  11. Shaun Scott says:

    Hey Brandon, Would you suggest sending out a goodwill letter before a dispute letter or the other way around?

  12. alicia mcmillan says:

    Quick question regarding the 609 letters? I sent my 1st round of letters on September 1st, and received a letter from Equifax 2 weeks later. I wanted to know how soon should I send the 2nd 609 letter to them?? I thought 30 days after the 1st one so October 1st right??

  13. Gakoti says:

    Brandon – I bought your 609 credit repair and it looks great. Gonna use it to assist my fiance with her credit. Question – I have one card 5 years 3 mos 6000 cl with a 1% utilization. Paid off my car last year so I don't have an installment account. No derogs. Credit score currently 790. I'm looking to add 3 – 4 new credit cards to show 48 on time payments for the year instead of just 12 on time payments for just one card. Will 48 on time payments offset the fact that my age of accounts will dip to 1 to 2 years on average?
    Best regards and thank you for all of your great advise!

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