What is Credit Privacy Number

What is Credit Privacy Number

7 Things You Should Know About Credit Privacy Numbers CPNs to Stay Out of Credit Jail

Lowdown on CPNs

During this livestream, you’ll discover …

• CPNs for sale are often stolen SSNs …
• … and buying, selling, and using them in place of Social Security Numbers are all felonies under federal law, with penalties of fines, imprisonment, or both
• There are no shortcuts to success
• Unethical shortcuts to building business credit …
• … are simply not worth it
• CPNs, or credit privacy numbers, have legitimate uses for celebrities, members of Congress, and people in witness protection
• But using a CPN where an SSN is called for is a federal crime
• It carries penalties of fines or imprisonment or both …
• … and it’s considered to be a felony
• CPNs are free for people who need them
• Anyone trying to sell you a CPN is often trying to pass an SSN to you instead
• These are often numbers from children …
• … or people who are deceased
• The FTC, Equifax, Experian, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Justice, and the Better Business Bureau all say not to use them


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2 Responses

  1. Shane Johnson says:

    Ok my question is "what" are the people in privacy protection programs who have a cpn "using it for then" if it Can't be used in any field that is requesting an actual social security number?

  2. Sibi Lawson says:

    Hey ty.. been watching your videos a lot . Tx for ur knowledge.. question anytime time i apply for a revolving store credit card it is asking my ss .. when i leave blank they saying i can't proceed .. any tips to go around it.. u always say leave blank but it is not working that way.. tx for your help

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