What If Naruto Became The Lord Of The Foxes |Part 5| (BetrayedNaruto/OpNaruto)

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20 Responses

  1. Pogsia says:

    I’m happy I found this channel

  2. Isaac Goku says:

    Man best series man thank you for the series man


    Please make what if Naruto had Uzumaki sealing chains

  4. Groo says:

    Hey quietly out of curiousity what do you use to text to speech the stories there are some stories that i would like to listen to on the fanfic site but i dontr wanna read them so yh its just a lot better to listen

  5. Y S says:

    You watch anime kings what ifs don't you

  6. Cainku Plus Ultra says:

    I can't wait for the villagers to find out the demon brat the beat was actually the Fourth Hokage son was Naruto Uzumaki namikaze

  7. Black Raven says:

    If you don’t mind using Wattpad there’s a good Deku fanfic of what if Izuku was Expelled at UA, where he gets expelled in the day of the quirk apprehension test. It’s 70 chapter and it’s called
    Hero of Resilience:Halo

  8. Pedro Llerenas says:

    Great job can't wait for next one.

  9. Dark Rebellion921 says:

    I loved this chapter especially since it has characters from Ruroni Kenshin in it!!!

  10. Jose Martinez says:

    THE DEMON OF DEATH VALLEY hahaha now that a good name

  11. Angel02 says:

    The bar scene in this is form the movie Desperado

  12. Gary0737 says:

    What chapter are you on

  13. Kicker Ace says:

    Next part of this plz

  14. Redha Marhoon says:

    I can't wait until the release of the next part of this series because it's going to be hype

  15. kwasi frimpong says:

    Legalerrme4rimmer2e andawsavqwwwwwwwww

  16. Fanfiction What If's says:


  17. Blackened says:


  18. Outline says:

    This a bleach x Naruto what if

  19. Flugel XD says:

    Somewhat unpopular opinion: I never liked Sakura, Sakura’s mom, and the council. All of them are awful and suck

  20. Flugel XD says:

    Am I the only one who watches these at 1.5x speed? It’s a lot more efficient

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