What if $1 = ₹1 happens? | Dollar vs Rupee Devaluation | Dhruv Rathee

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We all know that India’s currency rupee has been depreciating in value ever since India’s independence. In 1947, there was a time when one dollar was actually equal to one rupee but today one dollar is almost valued at 75 rupees. Why has this happened? And what will happen if one rupee equals one dollar? I explain the currency exchange rates and economics behind it in this video.

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0:00 Introduction
0:56 How Exchange rate works?
04:48 Devaluation of Currency
05:52 History of Indian Rupee
07:49 What happens if 1 Dollar = 1 Rupee?
11:55 Strong or Weak Rupee? Which is better?
13:04 Is India Export or Import-Oriented?
14:09 Solutions


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32 Responses

  1. Free Thinker No Tension says:

    amazing wonderful…. love it

  2. Harsh Vardhan Singh says:


  3. Annesha Sanyal says:

    Yes sure aise aur videos dekhna pasand karenge

  4. Old skool Memes says:

    Literally impossible for atleast 100000 years

  5. Raghav Munjal says:

    Amazing video!

  6. Raghava N.V.S says:

    bitcoin fixes this


    Hi Dhruv make video on Nityananda.

  8. Rahul kumar says:

    If ,it's means you living 9021

  9. BWorld Truth says:

    Please create vedio on bank ko ka mayajal

  10. sonu baba says:

    You have very good knowledge, super

  11. Akshaj Saini says:

    I really love these educational videos. Would be glad if you could touch science field too 🙂

  12. ROHIT Negi says:


  13. Gulsher Pasha says:

    The way of your explanation is awesome and Video was very informative, thank you

  14. Pankaj Palwe says:

    We focus on Making India and Aatmanirbhar Bharat, why other countries invest in U. S still Dollar is strong ???

  15. Devender Singh says:

    Ye kyu bhul gye ki agar Indian currency ki value badh gyi to iske liye yaha ki companies aur businessman hi zimmedar hoge aur economy sudhregi. Fir videsi companies ki kya need hai

  16. Pubg pro x gamers says:

    if 1 rupee equals 1 dollar as seeing money circulation a person salary will be less and valued the same as before, hence the change of value does not have a major impact as the standard of living stays the same

  17. vijay sahani says:

    1 dollar is equal to 3.30 rs in 1947
    Do a proper information vidio

  18. Technical gaming says:

    To our education Sala gawar

  19. Pawesh Rai says:

    But how about uro n dollar?

  20. Narendra Singh says:

    Informative video

  21. mukteshwar prasad says:

    Kuch nhi samjh aya devaluation 1rs = 10 rs to mai 100 q lutaunga 1000 rs na lautaunga?

  22. Sourav Khanna says:

    Aap promotion bhut sahi trike se krte ho pata hi nhi chal pata ki aap promotion kr rhe ho.

  23. Mohammed Wasim says:

    Agar ek iphone $600 Me milta h to Wo America Ke Logo Ke Liye Zyada Hai Kyunki wahan Ki currency ki Value Zyada H apni hi country me Wahan Ke middle Class Family Ke liye Utna Hi mushkil Hoga Ek Iphone khareedna Jitna Indian Ki Middle Class Family Ko Hota 50k Me Khareedna ,Agar INR DOLLOR ke barabar Ho jaaye to Hamare note Ki Bhi Value Badegi jo cheez hum 100me khareed te the wo 1 me khareed payenge or hamari Salary bhi usi hisaab se hogi yaami 1k per month ya 2k on an average jese ki America Me hoti h

  24. Vishakha Kanwer says:

    Such a great information sir thank you so much 🙂

  25. nishant panchal says:

    I never saw such fool propagandist like this "C". Seems like son of Rahul Gandhi..

  26. Yagesh Sharma says:

    Can you please make a video on the topic
    How can india devlop in economy,industrialist,education in short how can india become devlop country from devloping country

  27. Balagouda Patil says:

    Very nicely explained

  28. Jk Fan says:

    This question was always in my mind

  29. Furqan Ahmed says:


  30. Altafnaik Altaf says:

    Best topic

  31. Dhruv Rathee says:

    Feel free to suggest more ideas on similar topics! What other videos would you like to see? 🙂

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