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A lot of the questions you have can all be answered in this frequently asked questions area.


hey what’s up youtube fam brandon weaver here once again so we’re talking about lexus nexus we’re talking about hard inquiries all right so i had a question email came in today and the individual asked they said hey look i applied for a loan i did not get a proof of loan i did not get the loan can i dispute that hard inquiry okay yes you can dispute that hard inquiry get it out of there all right we’ve got the letters for you 609 creditrepair.com get that beyond committed package or we can do the work for the awesomelifegroup.com now if you have an account holding inquire let’s say you open up a bank account with your credit union right you got a checking account with your credit union i know you know a lot of times credit unions will check credit i know mine does at least and i’ve seen other people say that they’ve gotten you know a hard inquire from their credit union if you’ve got a checking account bank account with them then you probably want to leave that alone if you have an account holding hard inquiry you leave that alone but a non-account holding inquiry like a loan you did not get approved for you can definitely dispute that now the other question i got today in the email individuals said hey look what if i got all the negative items off of my credit reports my three credit bureaus which is fantastic excellent work this individual was able to dispute and get all the negative collections and charge us everything off of their three credit reports with 609creditrepair.com that’s right or we can do the work for you at theawesomelifegroup.com but they want to know to say do i need to dispute anything with lexisnexis is there anything in there now usually if you’ve got everything off of the three credit reports usually good to go because that’s where the main lenders are looking okay every the big lenders are typically looking there if you have something in lexisnexis it’s usually going to be a public record like a bankruptcy okay usually nothing else is going to affect your credit or affect you applying for or getting approved for something that you apply for through lexisnexis typically okay you can double check though double check pull your report so if you want to know do i need to dispute anything pull your report see if anything’s on there hmm that’s interesting i didn’t know this was there that was there inaccurate they did put something on there that’s not mine or a bankruptcy or something like that right because you cleared it all from the three reports how is that still there let me go ahead and dispute that or it’s still sitting there and i should go after it or you have something else on there that might be not favorable perhaps a ton of uh different addresses or something of that nature for your bank accounts so lexisnexis and check systems do talk to one another check systems often will look at lexisnexis and they may have some things on there that you may want to take care of but typically you’re usually good to go if you’ve gotten everything off of the three credit bureaus and you don’t have a bankruptcy and lexisnexis you’re usually pretty good to go all right so if you’re getting all these negative nasty erroneous items off of there okay you want to be like an individual who’s got all these negative nasty erroneous items off there and you want to get the good credit the seven hundreds the eight hundreds all right you can do this you can dispute these negative nasty ronnie’s items 609 creditrepair.com or we can do the work for you at theawesomelifegroup.com all right please give this video a thumbs up hit the subscribe try button and until i see you in person i will see you on the other side take care


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can you dispute a hard inquiry on your credit report

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