What Happens When You Pay Collections | Remove Collections Fast

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If you didn’t know you can drop your credit score from paying collection accounts to need to watch this video to see what you should do to remove your collections and help your credit score.

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Video Questions: Unpaid collection removed from credit report? Pay for delete collections? How to remove collections from credit report without paying? If one credit bureau removes do the others have to? How to remove old collections from credit report? Letter to remove collections from credit report? Collections removal expert cost?

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how to dispute paid collections on credit report

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  1. CreditTricksCreditHacks CreditTips says:

    This gentleman knows whats up. subscribed.

  2. Lee M says:

    I wish I invested in you on day 1.. i would be a rich man. Always believed in you keep it up!

  3. samba siva says:

    I have paid some collections.they show as charged off accounts and paid lesser than actual in my credit report now

  4. nadira shields says:

    Hi, will I have a negative balance with this credit union trumark but see I have no credit and I am trying to get a 780 credit score so should I pay them or should I do the credit repair thing

  5. big.O 513 says:

    Great video great break down of the credit game and facts


    The only time I did I paid collection was a paid for deletion

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