What Happens When You Don't Pay Your Collections – Credit Tips From A Home Owner & Realtor

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Collections – Credit Tips From A Home Owner & Realtor

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Video by Certified FICO Professional Calvin O’Neal Russell Jr of 850 Club Credit

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21 Responses

  1. Toni Lott says:

    I love your videos. I’ve learned so much and doing things to increase my score and credit report. Thanks for the great content Mr Russel!

  2. royland walker says:

    Man I needed to hear this video again…. Right is right you have to pay what you borrowed.

  3. Orange County Anthony says:

    I work for a large bank. If you have unsatisfied judgments or collections ( especially Gov't backed) or bad credit, you won't get hired. If hired, you will not be promoted and may be terminated. In my role, there are yearly credit and background checks.

  4. Rickie Cross says:

    I love all of your videos ,but not one time did I hear you say anything about Statute of Limitations, I am at my 700s, and is almost at my S.of L, for my state.

  5. micah r says:

    Bro… You hit that on the head. I'm in that situation on listening to YouTubers n not pay collection. I have a collection with portfolio recovery. Less that $400 bucks. Can I open a new credit card with capital one when I pay what I owe to portfolio recovery?? I need help with my credit through one of your programs. I wanna have better credit and pay what I owe.

  6. Tommy Nance says:

    You are a busy guy. Keep that hustle moving forward.

  7. Emmanuel Bomba Ire says:

    Do banks use chexsystems to approve you for a loan?

  8. Lalaphive says:

    Before you even start the conversation of how collections work you also need to address the statute of limitations and how that works differently in most states. There is no one size fits all fix for collections. Each case has to receive the the correct attention and a pro will give that person the most practical advice.

  9. Al May says:

    I have a few collections but 5 open and current credit cards would open and current cards cancel out my collections

  10. Terris Sanders says:

    He makes to much sense .

  11. Al May says:

    If it has been 6 years since I defaulted with capital one, can I pay them now and then apply for credit with them

  12. Katie Singer says:

    It's not a contract unless both parties sign– the loaner and the loanee

  13. Jimmy Wadsworth says:

    Hey great advice hey do you have any opinions on debt consolidations

  14. Deirdre McKinney says:

    This was informative

  15. Lightseeker740IL says:

    You've got to LOVE – this valuable information that Calvin is sharing !!!

  16. Candace Cooley says:

    Thank you! I’m in the middle of our house being built through a builder. My credit is at that thin line; my husbands is fine. The broker told me to pay a few of my collections. Here I come to find some info and every video says NEVER PAY a collector. Almost didn’t pay. But then said no, the broker said I need too. It makes sense. Thank you so much!

  17. mouse trap says:

    Facts cal

  18. David Pinno says:

    The only concern that I have is what if somebody is on State Medicaid and they cannot afford the co-pays for some of their doctor bills what exactly happened in the case that a medical bill or a medical account get sent over to collections because I cannot afford the co-pays so the ratifications of that would be for me to contact the company and set up a payment plan the problem is is that because of State Medicaid I can only make $540 a month so I'm actually penalized if I work more to pay for those co-pays

  19. Cynthia Stephanie Luna says:

    What if you have medical ER. Collection bills ? Does it work the same way ?

  20. Mack H. Lewis II says:

    Loved this video. I needed to hear this!

  21. Roxana Gomez says:

    When you pay off the collection, does your credit automatically improve?

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