What Happens to Your Stuff When You Get Sent to Prison for Life?

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In this video:

Prison, by design, is a place where a number of your rights are either stripped away or are severely limited in some manner. The right most pertinent to the topic of conversation today is the ability to freely access your bank account and/or manage any money or assets you may have.

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27 Responses

  1. Rich Moran says:

    This guy talks a lot without telling you very much. I'm going to tell you a whole lot in one more sentence. If you don't have somebody free helping you access your funds then you are fkt. And one more thing, the authorities Don't take your money or things away from you. They take you away from all your things and money.

  2. Dillon Snyder says:

    To all the soon to be prisoners watching this, hello. I hope you didn't rape or kill somebody.

  3. My Opinion says:

    Thank you for answering the question, I have always wondered that myself LOL

  4. SuperAmazingRickSatan972StrikesBackOnceAgain says:

    i want 2 go 2 prison bcause my mom lifes there

  5. Ask 3xD says:

    It mostly gets stolen by your neighbors or friends. Not jail forever though. I was lucky and important papers, pictures and truck was held by close friend.

  6. Ethan Bartiromo says:

    I have a family member in prison for life and they just sent me $3000, so they do have relative access.

  7. silver spartan 2004 says:

    You get sent to jail some times you lose your shit and some times the government takes everything

  8. John David Collins says:

    In Spain you are given a form on admission to send to your bank for using in the economato(commissary) . Up to a limited amount per week, normally€80 .

  9. uncriticalsimon says:

    I don't think the UK has "jails", only "prisons". There are police cells, of course, but they are very short-term.

    No access to you in British prisons, alas, though TV rental (not sale) is available and not too expensive. I assume Open University modules count as "personal" in terms of allowing prisoners to pay for them from outside money?

    Also, "inmates can't set up bank accounts"? I think HM Prison Service ENCOURAGE it, at least in the run up to release. Release on temporary licence, or under escort, are things in the UK.

  10. Chris Katz says:

    What if it is practical….

  11. keith knight says:

    In the United States Some states have advocates that work in the jail and prison systems to help you with your financial affairs if you have a bank account Social Security etc.

  12. 《 ShenzZy 》 says:

    the next time i have enough money im going to buy eye contacts. because im tired of wearing glasses

  13. Jon Sumner says:

    Well there's another video I'd like to see why do prisons make it so expensive to do things like phone calls considering the fact that if you were out of prison a lot of times phone plans are unlimited in terms of time (now yes I do understand that there are limited number of phones so they have to limit the amount of time you can talk but it seems like that amount of time should not cost them as much money)

  14. Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment says:

    This is like the system where the State becomes your adult babysitting service.

  15. Shadow IOS says:

    7:48 Physically present? My bank has never seen my face before, Lol.

  16. Bill says:

    Petition government for your funds back. Government: "Go fuck yourself"

  17. Bill says:

    For profit prisons, in the US, banking by mail has been all but eradicated. Also in the US, civil asset forfeiture which means the State can clean out your shit even if you are NOT incarcerated, let alone if you are.

  18. Grové Erasmus says:

    People currently frozen hoping to be resurrected, or travelling interstellar will have the ame hurdle as someone serving life sentence.

  19. Whurlpuul says:

    Surprised you didn't catch the joke in asking about prisons from someone called "Jill T"

  20. Artoooooor says:

    I HOPE that the state returns person's financial life to state before incanceration when the person turns out to be innocent.

  21. Go away I have comments to make says:

    Why not just let people live normally, except they can’t leave prison grounds? The loss of freedom is the punishment.

  22. thats not milk! says:

    hey vsauce michael here

  23. Alex Gonzalez says:

    Some people told me they didn't get there money back. But I got everything back when I got out . (LA county twin towers)

  24. The Game Trainer says:

    what happens if you’re wronglyful convicted? do you get compensated for the years you were imprisoned?

  25. Tom Frazier says:

    The American Bureau of Prisons is a famously corrupt agency. Corrupt institutions often claim "That was in the old days" when pressed.

  26. Really Now says:

    charles schwab and a few other financial institutions will freeze accounts upon incarceration and kick you off their platform

  27. Damián "el Salsuero" says:

    Watched to the end because you successfully guilted me into it you sneaky Brit. Bravo.

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