What Happens To Your Debt When You Die?

What Happens To Your Debt When You Die?
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26 Responses

  1. Occonner Wilderness says:

    What would they liquidate? Of course houses and cars but Guitars, guns, Jewelry, shoes/clothes, furniture??

  2. The Dabbing Panda says:

    The bank will send you statements to the afterlife

  3. G.R. Bryant says:

    Thank you!

  4. Adam C says:

    what happens if you still owe money on the house? Do they force you to sell it and they take what they can?

  5. Roxanne Kinnally says:

    I daughter passed away and.i had to pay her phone bill because it is in my name and her storage fee I had to pay it off.

  6. Sabrina's World says:

    Is this the same way with medical bills?

  7. Tiny Town Software says:

    What happens is the vultures start circling the estate.

  8. Arainea CuteBrownNurse says:

    Debt in Heaven ?

    How much is your halo worth ?

  9. Raquel says:

    My grandma had to pay off my grandpas debt when he died- this isn’t completely true.

  10. Limit One says:

    What about student loan of the dead spouse?

  11. James Laisa says:

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  12. usman yakubu says:

    I almost gave up until I met with FREDRICHACK on IG who helps me to recovery my Instagram account Big thanks to FREDRICHACK

  13. To Bad says:

    Now I know. I’m getting a raptor

  14. darknessplague says:

    Does that apply to canada as well?

  15. Not*an_ Alien says:

    There’s a very wise statement

    Not my problem

  16. Autumn Hughes says:

    So if I die today, everything will be all groovy. Good to know!

  17. Frank0020 says:

    If you die w assets and heirs are they really going to pursue a 5k credit card? Anyone know. May not be cost effective.

  18. Talon K says:

    finally, the bank loses for once.

  19. Tse Hong Ling says:

    unless the credit card is co-signed by you i guess.

  20. Lassen Sie uns streiten says:

    At 85 probably your credit limit will be $400…lol

  21. Hahmzed Yuzefan says:

    you're now free

  22. Darren Nichols says:

    How did I get here? It's going to be fatal accidents next, then UFO or ghost video's

  23. Michael Angst says:

    What happens if they owned part of a home with their children and they racked up a big credit card debt and died?? if the children sell the house, are they responsible for the money owed on the credit card? Assuming they have no assets besides the house?

  24. urofan says:

    So if someone in your family has life insurance do we have to use some of it to pay off a credit card if that person is dead?

  25. MyCHANNEL with Dwayne Random says:

    What if the husband died but his wife (my mother) is still alive. Is my mother (the wife), accountable on paying the debt?

  26. GrandpaSpaceOreo says:

    When I’m 67 I’m gonna buy my grandkids and kids anything they want then unplug myself

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