What Happens If Brian Laundrie Is Never Found

What Happens If Brian Laundrie Is Never Found
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The FBI and Dog The Bounty Hunter are continuing their search for Brian Laundrie after the coroner revealed Gabby’s cause of death to be strangulation. Although the main question on a lot of people’s minds is what happens if Brian Laundrie is never found.

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31 Responses

  1. Wendy B says:

    Imo hiding in house

  2. Ronald Dreimanis says:

    Be a cold case! Or could be hiding under his parents house!

  3. Canadian QueenBee says:


  4. actuallyelisa says:

    I don’t think he’s dead, he’s so obsessed with messed up books and looks up to serial killers so he probably did what they do so it can be a mystery. He probably paid someone to change his identity then run. There was another influencer who died by her husband killing her and he offed himself recently so I don’t know

  5. actuallyelisa says:

    I think he’s truly fucked up and probably did it and is doing a murderer move by changing the way he looks so no one can recognise him doing normal things, he will be found

  6. actuallyelisa says:

    If he isn’t found then there’s no justice for Gabby 🙁

  7. Lisa Ibrahim says:

    His parents need charges filed on on them either by the law or Gabys parents.

  8. Here's Chica says:

    The parents really should of contacted the police the day their son had returned home that something was wrong.
    They of all people will have noticed any changes in his personality when he got home.

  9. GKB Rudeboy Ghostface Xll says:

    He's most likely is never going to be found Brian will never be found it's not going to make it easier for people to find him that's for sure I most likely think he is deceased or he's playing hard to find

  10. ThatGardening Girl says:

    It'll get harder for him when it starts getting colder. He's definitely getting help….

  11. Daniel Claw says:

    Very weird that he mysteriously disappeared after it was revealed that Gabby went missing!

  12. Nyxie Delor says:

    If Brian and his family aren't hiding anything and are truly innocent, then why are they so secretive? Why did it take so long for his dad to volunteer?
    Blood or not, you break the law and ill turn your ass in. I have a family and you won't drag me down with you.

  13. introverts Rock says:

    He is found when he is stopped for speeding & police discover it's him

  14. Suzi Q-zy says:

    He will be found. His posts show his conscience is working against him. See you soon, Brian.

  15. Colleen Harding says:

    All I know is he isn’t where he said he’d be in that swamp! He’s a big fraud. Even on this rustic road trip, he ate in restaurants and lived a very modern life. They carefully presented themselves on IG as more rugged

  16. Zachariah Swartz says:

    water board the parents.. I think it's time.

  17. Sarah Perkins says:

    I think that they do need to make sure that it wasn't someone else who killed her. I know that they just want to ask him questions right now but what if they don't find him or find out that when he returned from his trip home he found her already dead panicked and he ditched her body. Still not right to do but I know of others who have done crazy things like this when they were in shock. We had a guy in town who woke up after a big drunken night and he found his girlfriends head in the back of his truck. Apparently they were drinking and doing other drugs and she was hanging her body out of the window while he was speeding and a road sign cut her head off her shoulders and in a panic attack he tossed her body out of the truck and drove home and he was in a blackout. Until he finds the head. He didn't do any time because it was an accident. I believe he only lost his license to drive because he was driving drunk and under other substances. But he didn't do any time for the girl who died.

  18. Nanami A. says:

    His family and himself are cursed anyway. How do they all have the will to live still.

  19. Svetoslav Marinov says:

    so do we ever get to know what happened to girl

  20. Qcripple The savage says:

    He was never at the swamp, he’s probably at multiple campsites

  21. LoKaee2 says:

    How about this man child steps up and admits what he did. Stop running bro…stop being a coward and show yourself. We all know you guilty. So man up and take your punishment

  22. NefariousSovereign says:

    His family is helping in order to keep tabs and tell Brian where to go. Are the cops / fbi simple ?

  23. arthur_tapia says:

    cop found him.

  24. Cameron Kuriger says:

    It's too suspicious that he fled after the police started looking for Gabby. If he was innocent like his family claims he wouldn't have fled. To me that proves his guilt about the situation.

  25. Ain't So Common says:

    Wow. His parents really knew what they were doing by helping him at the right time and THEN cooperating with the FBI. Almost as if they have done this before.

  26. MDB 1207 says:

    Probably in a country that won’t send him back

  27. Mz. YumYum14 says:

    Oh please bacon arrest the parents for obstructing a police investigation!

  28. Mz. YumYum14 says:

    I'm not trying to be insensitive towards Gabby but maybe instead of making so many videos about the same thing you should bring awareness to jelani day! That would be nice to see you make some videos about him and how he was missing and then was found dead with no organs or only some of his organs like that's a good thing to make a video about instead of repeating and what you just said in a previous video!

  29. treashurehunter 800 says:

    What happens if BRIANS dad filed a flight plan to Moab?In his own airplane that matches the timeline?would everyone cackle that it was just a coincidence too? Or could he be implicated in the crime to such a degree to share some of the burden of the punishment? Cause I truly believe that Brian never flew back to Florida but just the reverse opposite Brian's dad flew out to Moab.

  30. Veronica McMahon says:

    Since he is an outdoorsman, he does have some skills on survival. With that being said, he might have ended his life knowing he's going down for a long time! I feel like the family helped him get outta dodge and steered the manhunt in the wrong direction.

  31. InformOverload says:

    What are your thoughts?

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