What Does A Liposuction Look Like?

“We remove 40 to 50 liters every single week – and that’s over 100 pounds of pure fat.”

Special Thanks To: Dr. David Amron and The Roxbury Institute

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Brief Encounter
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Losing Yourself
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Fire burning in furnace
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33 Responses

  1. Bryan Sanchez says:

    Oooohhh. Look at that oil. Humors say it will be recycled as cooking oil.

  2. Silverlightbird says:

    So fat CAN be turned into soup, but it shouldn't/mustn't 😀

  3. Tuan Anh Nguyen says:

    Just going to find down how to burn my fat and saw this like….

  4. Andy Hlawnchhing says:

    very dangerous looks like cutting someone alive

  5. Annie faisal Faisal says:

    Uff toubah

  6. Ananya Agrawal says:

    He’s showing off more , showing the procedure less

  7. Nelson Mach says:

    From fight club

  8. clarissa Mora says:


  9. Mohamad Mikhael says:

    I'm 90kg but i need 70kg please

  10. Stoic TSS says:

    It won't be my soap..but with some salt, that could be my thousand island sauce.

  11. Frank Valice says:

    how much does this cost

  12. pp lord says:

    can I get liposuction I was 43kg and 167cm tall but I gained 7kg and wanna lose like another 10 kg

  13. J MoneyIceTea says:

    Fat is “infectious” ..?

  14. GhostOfSparta says:

    Damn looks scary af

  15. Chrisjon Amar says:

    Just freakin diet

  16. Claro1993 says:

    If not soap why not as Biodiesel fuel?

  17. J E says:

    Does one get 'excess skin' after liposuction?

  18. Cherry fly Frog says:

    1:42 Picked up on a daily basis and transported "somewhere" A.K.A to local MacDonalds for deep frying oil, so it dose not become soap.

  19. Tracey Ewen says:

    Hi Where are you located

  20. zina Ki says:


  21. Ken Roth says:

    I am no doctor but this is fascinating art.

  22. Yuniol Martinez says:

    Pura gras

  23. baby pink says:

    Why are they going so fast

  24. gato flaco says:

    Why not use the fat as fuel? What a waste.

  25. Galactica Phantom says:

    This asshole cappin only satisfaction he gets is from seeing these lazy assholes throw all that money away

  26. Vincent Zuproc Valeña says:


  27. Trap Soul says:

    Loved the Fight Club movie reference lol

  28. Parker P says:

    I used to work in Environmental Transportation and I had to take a bunch of biohazardous bags from toats into my toat sometimes swapping the toats as well. Sometimes they smelled like crap and now I think I know what was in some of these bags

  29. Wild Cats Life says:

    You will get chance to get cancer 70% if you done this .

  30. aiman Raja says:

    oh my God so painful

  31. Joshua Waldorf says:

    How much would this cost on regular procedure?

  32. Zova Merilda says:

    "So, no, it does not become soap"

  33. Tyler Hoang says:

    how does this video have no comments?!

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