What does 3-4 wks of DECOMPOSITION look like? – Petito Autopsy Results

What does 3-4 wks of DECOMPOSITION look like? – Now that the Petito Autopsy Results are in, let’s take a look at what her remains may have looked like. Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue announced Gabby Petito Autopsy Results show her cause of death was strangulation, and the manner of death was homicide. Perhaps the information included in the Petito Autopsy Results and toxicology report will allow law enforcement to learn who killed Gabby Petito. The entire world wants to know did brian kill gabby! The search for Brian Laundrie continues after the release of Petito Autopsy Results.

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What does 3-4 wks of DECOMPOSITION look like? The leaders with the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed on Sept. 19 human remains were found near Grand Teton National Park and matched the description of the missing 22-year-old North Port woman. An FBI spokesperson noted that full forensic identification had not yet been completed. Along with an identification, the medical examiner also revealed the cause of death in the autopsy. The remains of Gabby Petito were found the week following her fiancée’s Brian Laundrie’s disappearance, with a coroner confirming the discovery on Sept. 21.
Brian Laundrie remains the only person of interest in Gabby Petito’s homicide case. The final autopsy report will likely include Petito’s time and cause of death, which may help investigators determine who killed her. Blue did not discuss the results of a post-mortem toxicology test, which detects drugs in a person’s system. Will we learn who killed Gabby Petito? Did Brian Laundrie kill Gabby Petito? Petito’s parents reported her missing eight days before her remains were discovered. The 22-year-old was traveling cross-country in a Ford transit van (#vanlife) with her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, when she went missing. Brian Laundrie, 23, returned home to North Port, Florida, on Sept. 1 in the van without Petito, and her parents filed a missing person report on Sept. 11. Laundrie is a person of interest in the case, and his whereabouts have been unknown for weeks. His parents reported him missing to North Port, Florida, police on Sept. 17. On Sept. 23, the FBI issued an arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie, accusing him of bank card fraud. Authorities alleged at the time that he used an unidentified person’s Capital One card and the personal identification number to charge or withdraw over $1,000 between Aug. 30 and Sept. 1, during which time Gabby Petito was still missing. A press conference regarding the final autopsy report on Gabby Petito has been announced for Tuesday. The final Petito autopsy report contained a cause of death, as well as other forensic clues as to what killed the 22-year-old. Perhaps the information included in the Petito autopsy will allow law enforcement to learn who killed Gabby Petito. The world wants to know, did brian kill gabby?

Dr. Brent Blue, “Unfortunately, this is just one of many deaths around the country of people who are involved in domestic violence,” he said, speaking at a news conference this afternoon. “It’s unfortunate that these other deaths do not get as much coverage as this one. “He also clarified that his office was “only tasked with the determination of cause and manner of death. Who committed the homicide is up to law enforcement.” We all want to know did brian kill gabby?

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