What Brands Should Do in 2018

Scott Galloway and Maureen Mullen look back at the top trends of 2017 and predict what lies ahead for retail, CPG, and other sectors.

(1:29) L2 Analysis of Yahoo Finance Data.
(2:41) Walmart Stores Inc. Filings.
(3:20) Yahoo Finance.
(3:27) Jumpshot, As Published by ReCode.
(4:41) Yahoo Finance.
(5:16) 1010 Data.
(8:31) Stitch Fix Prospectus.
(9:02) Stitch Fix Prospectus.
(12:24) L2 Analysis of Survey Data from Experian, Creative Strategies, Field Agent, Huge Inc.

Episode 156

Song: andhim – Hausch


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32 Responses

  1. Max Dzmitryiev says:

    You will lose any staring competition with her.

  2. Pulse says:

    Our hate >> love relationship with Walmart = the enemy of my bigger enemy is my friend!

  3. Fiki Firmansyah says:

    Maureen is kinda hot intellectually and sonically.

  4. WHereTHeWIldTHingsAReNOt says:

    Just found this channel. Amazing. Thank you, just what I've been looking for.

  5. Peter Javidi says:

    To be fair, Toys R Us, Circuit City, and Borders are the three kings that Amazon could capitalize on based on the product categories. Toys and Electronics are sold in mass volume and the convenience of Amazon won. In the early 2000s, books fell into the "mass volume" of orders until they became digitized. Other categories (apparel/grocery) will be harder for Amazon to "conquer"

  6. Khurram Qureshi says:

    Thanks so much guys, You should do more of these, especially talk about Sports brand, what is going on , What startups can do to enter Please do that video

  7. Mark Luckinbill says:

    Good stuff for sure Maureen! I do think that the discussion about "subscription" should be played out further. Look at skype, amazon prime, apple music, netflix. These are (online-media-related?) subscriptions that work amazingly well. Subscription services for physical goods delivery to the home is where the mystery lies. We will all keep an eye on StitchFix…

  8. Rajesh Gupta says:

    dammit. The best video I've ever watched.

  9. Roux Zherr says:

    thanks for your input but just want ot ask which broker or platform can i used to buy amazon stocks your trusted sites…thanks!

  10. Hung Trinh says:

    So that is what it looks like to be an incredible strategist. Thank you

  11. Outta12 says:

    She IS flowin on da mic tho.

  12. experiment0003 says:

    Damn… she loves to talk! Yap, yap, yap!!!

  13. David Gaito says:

    Every thing she said is BS she does not understand the small business aspect at all

  14. Novakira Sato says:

    I can feel this guys brainwaves just by looking at his smooth cranium.

  15. Marius M says:

    Sonous is the key…has been for a long long time…let's look into the "John Dee Future"….*( it's voice activation, and it's here , there, and everywhere). Yeah.

  16. mercuriccccox says:

    You are to repetitive about that whole food things… every other video is about it

  17. Casey Martin says:

    Maureen Mullen=brilliant

  18. tbomit says:

    kind of kind of

  19. Nile Adams says:

    She's so lit, awesome episode

  20. HelixTwenty3 D says:

    What's with the low view count? L2 videos get to around 100k in views after a few days.

  21. Sinematographers says:

    Love you Scott

  22. Pat Szot says:

    Love it, thanks for sharing, Maureen!

  23. 5sssnakeee3 says:

    This woman is clearly intelligent and I enjoyed listening to her BUT the constant use of "kind of" counterfeits some of her main points.

  24. Gokce Yildirim says:

    I disagree with the voice futures. I think you need a visual feedback to interact with, audio alone is not natural. I think if you look at the Google strategy to embed android to TVs, you see that they realize this disconnect for Alexa, and all other audio interactions.

  25. Joseph Parrish says:

    Name a more iconic duo.

  26. wildreams says:

    Shopify is the answer to Amazon.

  27. Fitz Maro says:

    Really great parallel @14:55 on retail environment to electronics in 2010. Love the videos, keep em coming!

  28. Evan Adams says:

    More Maureen Mullen please. What focus she has! Impressive.

  29. thejinxedone says:

    hmm… it feels you guys are a bit too enthusiastic about voice. here's one reading of your data. 80% of people who have been using amazon echo for 18 months have never used amazon echo for shopping on Amazon! and these are the 'initial adopters' right! So this percentage is likely to be higher with the majority 'laggards'.
    2016-17 has been the years of amazon – even with its excellent PR it couldn't get 80% of its echo buyers to use it to purchase something from amazon in 18 months, what gives you hope that they will start buying in future?

    this data tells me that voice will get marginalised pretty quickly. either you are reading the data wrong or you know something that i don't. please enlighten.

  30. Ben Hansford says:

    Is there a way to do more of these in-depth runs WITHOUT cutting down on the short pieces that Scott does? And yes — all of me is acutely aware this is just me being selfish and asking you to work harder and share your big beautiful brains more. But if I wasn't selfish, would they really let me stay on the interwebs?

  31. Doodle Books says:

    Dollar shave club was murdered! I know who the killer is!

  32. Irie 2 says:


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