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hey what’s up youtube fam brandon weaver here once again we’re talking about repossessions we’re talking about getting these negative nasty erroneous items off of there and one of the very first things you want to do all right so when you’re disputing your negative nasty erroneous unverified accounts when you want to get these negative items out of there what’s one of the first things that we do here at the awesome life group is we freeze a lot of these smaller bureaus the lexus nexus the corelogix there are these smaller bureaus say streams all these other smaller bureaus we update we send these disputes to get these inaccurate spellings of your name the personal profile this you know employers the addresses whatever it may be get that all cleaned up one boom boom boom positive boom boom personal profile i’ll update it and clean the pause and get those negative junks out of there okay can help disassociate you from negative nasty ronnie’s items so now your smaller beers are frozen they’re gonna have a tough time communicating because sometimes they try to verify through other means than actually going to the original furniture of that information which they’re supposed to do for the fair credit reporting act okay now we’ve got your personal information all cleaned up then we start disputing and so people are asking hey you know repossession i want to make sure that i’m getting done this properly so you’re getting all that stuff taken care of first then you can dispute the repo with the collectors with the bureaus we’ve got a special repossession letter as well that’s right 609 creditrepair.com get that beyond committed package or we can do the work for the awesomelifegroup.com and it’s very specific asking for the very specific letters that they were supposed to send to you certified ma’am the very specific information the very specific proof that they were showing you that when it was going to be repossessed how they got the deficiency of where they sold the fort that you were allowed to attend the auction to purchase it back so forth and so on okay including original documentation that they’re supposed to maintain all of that okay if not if not they got to remove this negative nasty erroneous unverified repossession off of your credit reports now add another individual that was one question about repo and another individual had a question about the revolving accounts on the credit report so i’ve said before that the highest fico achievers typically not only do they have a lot of available credit that they use a very small amount of now they keep that utilization under 10 under 7 but they’re usually using every month three revolving accounts three revolving credit cards three revolving charge cards three revolving accounts and paying those off every month if you use two it’s okay but it’s not going to be as strong as three in fact i’ve said uh that i was using three and then i was like oh i’m okay and i use two and then my credit came down and i started using three again and my credit went back up so someone asked hey well can they be my three unsecured credit cards do i have to use a charge card too do i have to use all charge cards do they all have to be secured no so they can be three regular credit cards three regular unsecured cards you could also use you know secured cards if you needed to but typically what you’re dealing with is unsecured credit cards do you have to have a charge card no but it can help your credit mix if you have one and or using one so uh three revolving accounts absolutely and then this individual disputed online we told you don’t be disputing online but they did dispute online it says uh hey this account was closed this collection was closed out however still on your credit reports you want to dispute that because they’re trying to play this game this is what happens sometimes when you dispute online so yes you can still send the letters dispute get this closed collection off your report because even though it’s closed it’s still on your reports and still holding your credit down holding you back from getting whatever it is that you’re looking for the home you’re looking for the car you’re looking for the business lines of credit whatever it is you can do this 609creditrepair.com or we can do the work for you theawesomelifegroup.com

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