WFLA Now: FBI Presser on Brian Laundrie Search After Partial Human Remains Found in Florida #HeyJB

WFLA Now’s JB Biunno anchors our interactive coverage of the Brian Laundrie search. Latest:


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  1. Daisey Fader says:

    But. The parents said he didn’t take any thg when he left. Well if corse. His cele could be pinged. And why have a wallet. He has a whole new I’d. From the lawyer.
    And they didn’t see him with a nite book or a big pack. Or backpack. So. See. They placed it or cop did FBI. That made an deal.

  2. Daisey Fader says:

    You can’t keep a hunting dog. Or a cadiber dog on a leash. It wants to go search. How dumb. If it’s trained. It will alert you. And you have a tracer in him Come on. Let the dog do his job.

  3. sunblaze says:

    that backpack & notebook coud be planted by Chris L, we dont now.

  4. Shell Beechey says:

    I think people want justice in Brians parent's being held accountable for their part of obstruction of justice!

  5. Jan Fischer says:


  6. Jan Fischer says:

    WHAT WAS IN THE PLASTIC BAG that Chris took from home into the truck when he headed to the area Brian liked??
    He went there to "co operate" with the search.
    What was in that bag could be important.

  7. Ericka Bean says:

    I don't believe this story. And I don't believe FBI eather

  8. Raven Leighton says:

    I'm wondering if his parents might have offed him so he doesn't go to prison for her murder??? Very suspicious.

  9. Raven Leighton says:

    Justice for Gabby to me means Brian's parents needs to speak up. They know something. I am not concerned about Brian's parents. Don't put him on spotlight. Gabby's life was taken and it's way more important than Brian!#jb

  10. Sam Baker says:

    Down The Rabbit Hole like Federal Jack

  11. Dennis Johnson says:

    There you go is this Brian L

  12. jose Rodolfo Ramirez says:

    If he's dead she's got justice but it will not bring her back. Condolences to her family and his.

  13. Cheryl Craig says:

    #JB Cheryl Yes they said it was a dry bag

  14. Cheryl Craig says:

    Yes they did say it was a

  15. Cheryl Patton says:

    What's with the chanters? Kind of creepy.

  16. Melanie Jones says:

    The guy said that the backpack and notebook found belonging to Brian laundrie

  17. Mary Sexton says:

    Prayers for Gabby and Brian's parents

  18. Mary Sexton says:

    Prayers for all the families of Gabby and Brian

  19. Yo Momma says:

    Amazing how the media can make a hero out of a zero……All women out there….Plan you wedding before your funeral is planned. Van life is nothing more than a glorified homeless life. Don't quit your job when you don't even have a roof over your own head and are living off of another family. Don't plan month long vacations before you have your own nest and job to come back to. Don't depend on your parents to send you money. Be independent, keep your hands to your self and don't talk to your man the way you would not want to be talked to. Don't abuse your man physically or verbally. Don't put yourself on display by plastering yourself all over social media your number one priority. And, shower every day.

  20. CajunSweetTart says:

    #HeyWalt you and Joe Rogan have the exact same voice lol! Y'all sound exactly alike lol!

  21. Dawn Kelly says:

    He's not a Child !!!!!!he Is a Man sorta

  22. Donna Clemens Gill says:

    I wonder about the gun he was to own. Was that at the same site to were the skeleton remains were located?

  23. Pamela Carter says:

    #heyjb Now that Brian's remains have been found, I wish the public would leave their parents alone and let them grieve their loss. The public should put themselves in their shoes a moment. I hope the public will just be patient and wait til the facts come out.

  24. Angela Wilson says:

    Do u think the laundries put stuff down to do something to the 2dogs that died like putting stuff on the grounds they were searching

  25. Love Yourself says:

    Justice be parents need to share what Brian told them.

  26. Love Yourself says:

    Gabby was murdered, while who done it, took cowards way out… Its just heart braking, I feel for her parents. While Brian parents knew before he left for his lil hiking trip..

  27. Lorraine Fleming says:

    Why are the authorities not concerned about where the incognito news told them the van was parked and how long he saw Brian parked before the van was removed as evidence? There's an area there to be investigated "dug up" .
    Where are Gabby's possessions? Is it just so hot and humind (hate the weather personally) that LE are in brain fog. WE cannot all be in doubt and suspicion.

  28. Jean B says:

    Mr.laundrie found the dry bag and fbi found the backpack

  29. Jill Brooks says:

    Justice IMO, is IF that’s him and he’s the one who killed her, then police procedures and laws should be revised to help prevent similar results in the future, as the police contact with the couple could have lead events to transpire differently if police response and action had been more attentive to the domestic abuse. Also, persons of interest should be lawfully apprehended without evidence, and only probable cause/suspicion in regards to a missing person or death cases to curb delays in investigation and preventing cold cases or guilty parties from walking free. It’s apparent to me that his parents have helped him to a degree in the murder of Gabby. That’s why their attorney told them to stay silent, and that’s why they went to that campground. I’m sure their original cell phones were dumped there if they’ve still never been located. They facilitated the massive delays in finding answers to what happened to Gabby and they should be responsible for that. Immediate reports should have been made as soon as he came back in her van without her on Sept 1st, yet they decided to go camping instead, then let him leave purposely.

  30. Delia Jones says:

    The USE of that would be to close the murder case!!!! It needs to be determined and announced who killed GABBY!!!! WHY are you eating his wordsalad!!

  31. Mary-Chris Staples says:

    These protestors are too much. Aren’t the investigators trying to find justice for Gabby? And do they travel around the world calling for justice for other victims?

  32. Shawn Huff says:

    Brian's mother could have buried Brian laundrie their the rest of the body is in the ground this is bullshit I call bullshit

  33. Melanie Mitchell says:

    #HeyJB Wouldn't the cadaver sniffing dogs have found him?

  34. Melanie Mitchell says:

    #HeyJB – In regards to the condition of the notebook, he could have been using a ballpoint ink pen which resists running.

  35. Poze Lenore says:

    HE SAID your son brian is burning in hell – geez

  36. Ispy Saidmylittleeye says:

    This was a true American tragedy. My heart goes out to both of their parents. May God comfort them and grant them peace.

  37. Phyllis Robinson says:


  38. AutumnLeaves2903 says:

    a posthumous inquisitional investigation and trial will be unfold in-due-process. Question: how is the body profile or frame of Brian’s mother similar to that of Brian’s? i am unable to get the measurements of the heights of both Brian and his mother BUT ONE FACTOR TO CONSIDER BY SIGHT IS THAT HIS MOTHER HAS BROADER WAISTLINE AND HIPS than Brian’s for he is a leaner build than his mother but i cant say about their heights … as to how these two body-profiles are mistaken by FBI who are supposed to be astute with their training in assessments, visuals n observations … is simply puzzling … and this error that seems to compromise many levels of the investigations, accountability, arrests, etc.

  39. Tracie Proctor says:

    #HEYJB information has it that the teeth on the skull match those of Brian Laundrie

  40. Tracie Proctor says:

    The backpack wouldve been floating on top of the water the whole time

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