Wells Fargo Secured Business Credit Card 2021 Updates It Does Report

In this video, I go over Wells Fargo secured business credit card, I explain how this business credit card can build business credit and reports to SBFE, So watch the whole video. Learn how to build and get business credit fast to get the high business credit card and or tradeline lines. I teach you everything from net 30 vendor accounts to business credit cards with no PG. Please go through all my past videos. You will learn the step-by-step process to build business credit and how to get tradelines that report to Dun and Bradstreet (DnB) Experian Commercial Business, Equifax Business, and Creditsafe. Thank you for viewing and read below for more helpful tips.

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wells fargo secured business credit card data points.


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20 Responses

  1. J. Lyon Layden's The Looters Revue Show says:

    Supposedly the unsecured version (Wells Business Platinum) only requires a 690 credit score. Can that be a personal credit score? Are there any other requirements, do they require you to make a certain amount? Just can't see freezing up 5 to 10 k in funds if there's any chance a 750 score and 50k gross could land a secured biz card in a year or two.

  2. Kevin Sue says:

    would i be able to add more money to my credit line, say i start with 500 can i go back and add another 500 or more to it?

  3. Marcus Sills says:

    Ive had mines since last April. But cant wait to leave Wells Fargo for my credit union business account. This card is the only reason im with them

  4. ben frankie says:

    If they'd make it available after May 16, can you please recommend a virtual mail box company WF would accept? they refused the ipostal1 address… Many thanks Josh!

  5. Juanita Longoria says:

    I asked my Wells Fargo bank about this card for my new business they told me they no longer off this card I spoke to them yesterday

  6. funloving1482 says:

    Wow! Just a day after your video, they now have this on there site: "This product is temporarily unavailable until May 16, 2021."

  7. Sure Cut Landscaping Inc says:

    Great information thanks josh

  8. Dracor Gaming says:

    I show this as unavailable until May 16th :/

  9. gary l says:

    they're not accepting new apps until like mid may… and i'm a WF personal credit card holder…

  10. Alexander Evangelista says:

    Does the WF Secured Business Card graduate to unsecured? And if so, how long usually before it does?

  11. David Bryant says:

    I realize that this is directed at people that are trying to build business credit. One point is…why do business with a bank that has zero regards to their customers? Horrible choice for personal and or business decisions.

  12. Fancy Miss says:

    Experian pulls info, but doesn't put any dollar info. I finally see a financial institution on my Experian report (it took over 7-8 months) and I think it is possibly Wells Fargo. My capital one does report to DNB. All my experian tradelines havs zero activity, they are just listed and I can't get any approvals with those who use Experian.

  13. Eric Hubbard says:

    Wells Fargo advised me my business checking account had to be opened for 1 year before I could apply for the business secured card.

  14. Tyrone b Hobson says:

    Dun and Bradstreet does pick up the data points for this card , I have one , the 1st business credit card I received

  15. Chavelle Murray says:

    I have had this card since June 2020. I have not seen anything being reported to this day



  17. Leonard Sykes says:

    I would like to set up a one on one consultation.

  18. kTex says:

    I got talked into buying tradelines when my credit scores are all above 730, I thinks I've been scammed. How can I dispute it?

  19. TheRealRamo says:

    I sent you an email Josh, about the feedback.

  20. Cheryes Jerome says:

    Very Nice. To know.

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