Webinar – Proactive Approach To Cyber Security For BFSI Industry | Indusface – BSE – Teknotrends

BFSI Industry is the fastest growing segment w.r.t adopting digitisation technologies to improve efficiencies, grow revenue, enhance customer service. With growth there is also a inherent risk of security. Unlike other segments the motivation for attacks is very strong as it could mean immediate monetary gains to fraudsters. The risk for the companies is not just the loss of money via cyber attacks or being held hostage under and fraud but the bigger loss is the erosion of customer confidence in adopting digitisation with the company that has succumbed to an attack.

In this webinar, Venkatesh Sundar, Founder, Indusface a leading Application security company from India and Dr. Samir Kelekar a Cyber Security expert, Founder, TeknoTrends, will present why the dynamic landscape and changes in BFSI Industry demands a strategic and proactive security strategy designed for the long haul, one that can withstand the ever-evolving threats against cyber attacks on a continuous basis.

In this 60 minute session, these two experts will present:
– The opportunities for BFSI Industry to capture increased wallet share, grow customer loyalty and grow revenue with digitisation
– The latest trends in cyber attacks against BFSI Industry and where fraudsters have the advantage
– What can be done by BFSI Industry to be prepared to handle this threat
– A Make in India vendor view of what they are doing in this space to help BFSI Industry protect one of their key assets I.e. Their online applications


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