Webinar: Identify More Deaths with CertiDeath®

One way to extend the life of your pension plan is to correctly identify the most deaths as quickly as possible – this will minimize overpayments while saving time and resources. Learn why CertiDeath is the only true death audit available in the market. With CertiDeath, you can get 95% of deaths identified and receive validated results typically within a week (the SSA DMF takes 11-20+ days to identify deaths). By using CertiDeath, plan sponsors and record keepers can use their time to better facilitate the plan vs. trying to identify deaths.

During this 30-minute webinar, we covered the following topics:
-Decedents identified by source.
-Impact of missing decedents to your pension plan.
-How CertiDeath will identify 95% of decedents vs. up to 70% identified by State, DMF records and obit data.


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