Webinar: Data Dilemma – The Impact Bad Data Has On A Pension Plan

Featuring Geoff Dietrich, EVP at DIETRICH & Mike Irey, Director of Operations at PBI.

Missing or incorrect participant data is a very common issue for pension plans. It’s extremely difficult to continuously monitor the location and status of each participant. Unfortunately, even a small error in the personal identifiable information (PII) can significantly impact decedent identification, locating missing participants, communicating with plan participants, and making overpayments.

Here is what you will learn:
• Changes taking place in the industry make data quality more important than ever before
• The impact inaccurate PII has on locating a person
• The significant financial impact inaccurate data has to the pension plan’s ongoing, de-risking and termination objectives
• Suggestions for improving your data quality
• Q&A


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