Webinar: Background Check Industry Trends 2020

Original air date April 6, 2020.

Background screening practices continues to be one of the most litigated and legislated topics facing employers and businesses. With multifaceted compliance obstacles such as Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act practices, state consumer reporting laws, “Ban-the-Box” legislation, EEOC considerations on criminal history, and use of credit report restrictions, maintaining risk averse practices is more complex than ever.

To help ensure the SILA membership engages in practices that protect themselves and the industry as a whole, and to build off of the trends and data collected in similar SILA surveys going back to 2016, the SILA SACS Background Investigations Task Group conducted another background investigation survey to anonymously gather data about the background screening practices of Insurance Carriers, Agencies, TPAs, Broker Dealers, and other similar parties. These results were collected at the close of 2019 and are being presented for the first time to the SILA membership and community by Greg Kirsch, Chair of the Task Group and Chief Operation and Compliance Officer of Applicant Insight / NoMoreForms. Greg will lead us through the survey responses so that we can use this information for best practices improvements and for general historical trending purposes. Join Gregory Kirsch for this informative webinar – it will be enlightening to understand industry processes when it comes to background investigation practices.


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